This Sticker Subscription Box Helped Me Get Over My Sticker Commitment Issues

I've always loved collecting stickers, but when it comes to actually peeling and sticking them, I have a hard time committing.

What if I stick the sticker and realize sometime later that it would have looked better elsewhere? What if I decide later that the location looked better without the sticker, peeling it away to not only waste it but leave behind strips of streaky paper residue that will never go away?

Pipsticks is a subscription service that sends awesome sticker packs to your doorstep every month, and whether they realize it or not, their creative kits helped me get over my phobia of the finality of stickers.

Pipsticks monthly sticker packs

The team at Pipsticks was kind enough to send me two of their Pro Club Classic packs to test run. Each one costs $14.95 per month and includes at least 15 sheets of fabulous stickers, a quote card, a post card and a colorful sheet with all kinds of handy Pipsticks info. Their smaller Pro Club Petite subscription is $9.95 a month and includes seven or more sheets of stickers and a mini quote card.

Pipsticks monthly sticker packs

As you can tell from these images, these packs include a huge variety of super cute stickers in all shapes and sizes. There's everything from giant, glimmering stickers that will cover most of a postcard, to little puffy stickers, detailed paper stickers, metallic foil stickers and anything else you can think of.

Pipsticks sticker subscription pack

And every pack is different, so you don't ever have to worry about repeats or getting similar stickers. Still, each and every one feels worthy of sticking someplace special.

Pipsticks summer sticker subscription pack

This brings me to one of the best things about Pipsticks—the cards. Each pack comes with a patterned quote card as well as a postcard, plus an information sheet that's cute enough to use as a sticker receptacle.

Pipsticks card stock and postcard

Best of all, the postcards in these kits come pre-stamped. All you have to do is stickerize one side, write a message and address the other, and your card will be totally ready to mail out.

Pipsticks card stock and postcard for summer

A blank postcard is literally the perfect place to put all of your favorite cute stickers. With stickers, you can transform an empty canvas into your own custom work of art, and the stickers don't feel wasted because they're going to a friend, who will hopefully keep and cherish the card for days to come. Here's one I put together with stickers I got in my Pipsticks packs.

Pipsticks summer postcard

Thanks to Pipsticks, no longer will I hoard stickers for years on end. My friends and family can prepare themselves for lots of cute sticker-plastered postcards shortly. Click here to find out how you can start using Pipsticks, too.


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