5 Major Things People Get Wrong About Pisces

From Feb. 19 to March 20, Pisces will be the star of the zodiac.

We figured, what better way to kick off the new celestial season than by debunking some common misconceptions about the sign?

Keep scrolling for five major things everyone gets wrong about Pisces.

They Always Have Their Heads in the Clouds

Pisces are known for their escapist nature. They tend to be pretty big dreamers who do favor taking time away from the realities they face. But their heads aren't always in the clouds. This zodiac sign knows how to limit their time spent in their alternate reality. So if you ever catch them when they've drifted off to a dream world, let them have this moment. They'll soon return to the real world, don't you worry.


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They're Judgmental

Pisces is a very caring sign. They want those they care about to live their best lives, so they're always offering up their advice on how they think you can improve your life. More often than not, you'll shrug it off, but they'll keep pestering you to follow the path they've laid out for you. When you don't, they'll be upset, though they'll eventually get over it. You may see them as being judgmental for not accepting your way of life, but they really are just overly caring.


They're Ridiculously Clingy

Sure, Pisces love spending a majority of their time around their loved ones. For the most part, you'll never really find them alone. This is especially true when it comes to their relationships. They'd give anything to spend every waking moment with their S.O., but they know their limits. Pisces also enjoys spending time with nobody other than themselves.


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They're Pushovers

A Pisces may be willing to do anything and everything to help their loved ones out, but even they have their limits. They'll be by your side in your time of need, but if they can tell right away if you're using them for your benefit and will ditch you within a moment's notice. If you want a Pisces to stay your friend, you have to treat them with the same respect they treat you. They have no time for selfish people.


They're Overly Sensitive

As empathetic as one can get, Pisces are deeply concerned with caring for their loved ones. It's what they believe they're meant to do with their lives. Many believe this makes them overly sensitive, because they are so in touch with their feelings. Yes, Pisces are pretty delicate beings who have no problem expressing their emotions, but they aren't as fragile as you'd expect. They're much more concerned with the emotions of everyone else than their own.


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