The Dos and Dont's of Being a Successful Pisces

With their unbridled creativity and incredible emotional depths, Pisces is a sign brimming with potential.

Their empathy and imagination can take them far in life, but they also have a few qualities that can cause them to feel stuck and prevent them from getting what they want out of life. If you happen to belong to the sign, follow these dos and don'ts to hone your strengths and combat your flaws in order to live your best life.

Do Trust Your Intuition

No zodiac sign has an intuition more finely tuned than that of Pisces. When you walk into a room, you may feel you have an almost psychic sense of the energies within it. The air feels charged with various emotions, and you can pick up on them without even thinking. That's an uncommon skill, so if you instinctually understand people, don't let that strong empathy go to waste. Reading the room will help you understand the undercurrent of situations and know exactly what to say to whom, and when. If something feels wrong, trust your gut and voice your concerns, and when it feels entirely right, don't let the opportunity get away from you.


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Don't Forget About the Real World

Pisces are known as daydreamers, and while they do spend a lot of that wistful time working through creative ideas, they also love to zone out as an escape from reality. You can be easily bored, and often prefer to avoid confronting the obligations and stresses placed on you by the real world. This can help you cope with your problems in the short-term, but in the long-run, the more you avoid responsibility, the worse the consequences can be. Instead of daydreaming your life away, remember that daydreams help with out-of-the-box problem-solving. Step out of your dreams, and start doing stuff in real life.

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Do Explore Your Feelings

Pisces is an emotional water sign, which means they're led by their hearts first. You may find that it's not that hard to make you upset, whether that entails being sad or angry, and you might even find your strong emotions to be frustrating at times. However, you should remember that sensitivity is an asset. The more you allow yourself to explore your feelings and understand what makes you upset, and why, the better you'll be able to navigate your life, and also learn to control your emotions. Sensitivity can also make you an invaluable ally to friends who are struggling with their own difficult emotions. This emotional knowledge can help others, as well as yourself.


Don't Play the Victim

When things don't go Pisces way, they can often start thinking that the entire world is out to get them. Remember that this isn't true. Life is never going to be perfect all the time, and while there are some situations completely out of your hands, other times it's also important to acknowledge the part you've played in your own fate. It can'always be someone else's fault. You can find it difficult to stand up for yourself, and sometimes wind up allowing people to walk all over you. It won't be easy, but you need to set clear boundaries, put yourself first sometimes, and start taking responsibility for your actions.


Do Harness Your Creativity

Creative Pisces can often find themselves inundated with big, imaginative ideas. You may even find that you have more than you know what to do with. You can find yourself jumping wildly from thought to thought, barely giving each one breathing room before you move on, or that you labor over one notion for days and days, fully fleshing it out until it feels like a second reality to you. Explore those ideas, and when inspiration strikes, make something out of them. Even if you're not necessarily going to turn that kernel of a concept into a full novel or film, write them down, no matter how trivial, because you never know how you're going to utilize them later.


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Don't Let Your Talents Go to Waste

Many Pisces will see what their peers are doing and feel like they're falling behind academically or job-wise because they can struggle with the traditional school and work constructs. Unless you're very content socially at home and with friends, you're going to find it difficult to be satisfied by a traditional office job that doesn't harness your creativity. At times, it can feel like you're not cut out for anything in particular, but that's only because you haven't yet found how to turn your passions into something more. Follow what makes you shine, and turn that talent into your future.


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