The Pitman Sisters Show Off Hope's Car on That's My Ride

Hasley, Hope and Halle Pitman are best known online as The Pitman Sisters, and while they're famous for their dance moves, it turns out they also have some pretty sweet cars.

The trio (@thepitmansisters on TikTok) are the stars of an episode of That's My Ride. The series, made in collaboration between PEOPLE Magazine and Sweety High, sees host Markell Washington riding along with the sisters for a drive to learn all about their past as dancers and the way they drive.

The Pitman Sisters

Sisters Hasley, Hope and Halle are originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and only recently did they relocate to Los Angeles, California to pursue their TikTok careers. The sisters started going viral with dance videos in 2020, and they've been superstars ever since, with more than 2.8 million followers on TikTok alone. These three have moves, and we think the adorable family vibes make their content even more relatable.

The Pitman Sisters That's My Ride


Their Ride

In this episode, Markell and the sisters go for a drive in Hope's shiny white Mercedes-Benz, which she got for graduation. During their ride, they discuss everything from Hasley's first car "Dora" (and the slightly dorky origin of that name), and Hope's favorite hand signal to flash people when she gets cut off in traffic. We're guessing it's not the one you're expecting.

They also get excited about their Georgia-Florida connection, and the fact they used to cheer in each others' hometowns. They even do a little cheering of their own to show off their skills together. Check out both clips below to see the whole thing:

@peopleNothing to see here, @Pitman Sisters are new in town😂 @markellwashington1 #ThatsMyRide #cartour♬ original sound – People Magazine

@peopleHave you ever given a thumbs down while driving? @Pitman Sisters have😂 ##ThatsMyRide @markellwashington1 ##drivingtest ##carsoftiktok♬ original sound – People Magazine


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