7 Pixar Friendships That Are Ultimate BFF Goals

Within our world, movies are known for one thing and one thing only: ruining our expectations of reality.

Whether it's giving us majorly unrealistic goals for our romantic lives or causing us to mourn our lack of superpowers on the daily, movies are constantly reminding us that real life can never live up to the fantasy world within our TV screens.

Carl, Russell, and Doug Eating Ice Cream - Up

(Up via Pixar Animation Studios)

However, the fact that we can never achieve movie-level perfection within the real world doesn't mean we'll ever stop trying. Disney princess fantasies might be the culprit for many of our unrealistic romantic expectations, but Pixar movies focus on a different—but equally as important—relationship: the bond between best friends.

If there's one place to find ultimate #BFFGoals, it's within the world of Pixar. Check out some of our fave animated friendships below!

Buzz Lightyear and Woody, Toy Story 

Although the rootinest, tootinest cowboy in the wild, wild west and a space ranger sent to protect the universe might not seem like the perfect friendship match, these two Toy Story characters are one of the greatest friendship stories around. They may have started out as sworn enemies, but eventually they're able to overcome their differences and support each other through all kinds of ridiculous adventures. Their ability to work together and always be honest with each other has firmly established them as major BFF goals.

Buzz and Woody - Toy Story

(Toy Story via Pixar Animation Studios)


Dory and Marlin, Finding Nemo 

Honestly, we could all use a BFF like Dory. She's kind, positive and loyal—all the qualities you should search for in a good friend. She sticks by Marlin through all his frustration and pessimism, pestering him with her love until he finally returns her affection. This aquatic duo teaches us an important lesson about friendship—if you just stick around long enough, the person you're bothering will have no choice but to befriend you.

But seriously, these fishy friends are the perfect balance. They even out each other's negative qualities, help each other through the bad times and are always there for a conversation or an uplifting song—as all BFFs should be.

Dory and Marlin - Finding Nemo

(Finding Nemo via Pixar Animation Studios)


Carl and Russell, Up

Ugh, do we even need to explain why we're so in love with this pair of BFFs? First of all, they're the most unlikely of partners, considering one is 78-years-old and the other is just a child trying to earn his badges. Despite their massive differences, they create an unbreakable bond that allows each of them to fill a hole that was missing in their life.

Carl has a companion to replace his lost wife and Russell has a father-figure to make up for the failures of his own dad. They're everything we want out of a friendship and we're not ashamed to admit that we shed a few tears about their relationship every time we watch this movie.

Carl and Russel Hugging - Up

(Up via Pixar Animation Studios)


Mater and Lightning McQueen, Cars 

Another relationship that started off as enemies rather than friends, Mater and Lightning quickly grew to become one of our favorite relationships. Honestly, Mater is such a lovable little truck that we're not even surprised. His positivity and constant search for fun has a great impact on Lightning's too-intense attitude. Mater doesn't have much changing to do, but he helps change Lightning for the better, and sometimes that's all you need out of a BFF.

Mater and Lightning McQueen - Cars

(Cars via Pixar Animation Studios)


Sadness and Joy, Inside Out 

Another unlikely friendship combination, it takes Sadness and Joy a little while before they understand the positive attributes of each other. For Joy specifically—as someone who is happy all the time—it's hard to understand what Sadness has to be so glum about. What we love about this relationship, however, is that both members of the duo get to fully be themselves.

Joy doesn't have to give up her happiness, and Sadness doesn't have to fake delight, but the two friends still love and respect each other. There's no better friendship than one where both parties get to fully be themselves, making Sadness and Joy major BFF goals.

Sadness and Joy - Inside Out

(Inside Out via Pixar Animation Studios)


Mike and Sully, Monsters, Inc. 

For two monsters, these scary BFFs sure know how to channel some major love into their relationship. Our favorite thing about this dynamic duo is their ability to work together to reach their goals. Mike keeps Sully on track with his training and work schedule, providing a much-needed dose of realism to the relationship, while Sully helps Mike settle down and relax.

We also love their constant concern for each other's feelings. They don't try to outshine each other, and they're always working to guarantee that they both get the recognition they deserve. We would happily emulate basically everything about Mike and Sully's relationship in our friendship with our BFF.

Mike and Sully - Monsters, inc.

(Monsters, Inc. via Pixar Animation Studios)


Remy and Linguini, Ratatouille 

We absolutely adore Remy and Linguini, mostly for the fact that their inability to speak to each other doesn't at all affect how much they care about each other. What starts out as an arrangement that benefits them both quickly turns into a real and special bond.

They encourage and support each other, and genuinely care about each other's well being—all without saying a single word to the other. There's nothing better than a BFF that just gets you, so it's easy to understand why we love this dynamic duo so much.

Remy and Linguini - Ratatouille

(Ratatouille via Pixar Animation Studios) 


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