These 10 Pixar Memes Will Totally Have You Saying 'It Me'

Disney might be the ultimate winner of relatable content, but Pixar has its own special place in our heart.

Toy Story 3 Toys

(Toy Story 3 via Pixar Animation Studios)

However, our favorite thing about the Pixar universe definitely has to be the huge supply of memes that hit just a little too close to home when trying to explain our daily struggles.

Keep scrolling for 10 Pixar memes that will totally have you saying "it me."

Who needs a life partner when you have yourself:

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A behind-the-scenes look at the Pixar brainstorm process:

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Nobody got through this movie without a few tears:


A very valid question:

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Oh okay, I guess I'll just lay here in silence:

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But this is how we feel always:


You never look how you want to look:

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We all know this movie isn't meant for the children:

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But… where's our tag?

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The saddest goodbye:

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