PIXY Talks Destiny and Their Comeback Mini-Album, CHOSEN KARMA

After nine months, K-pop quintet PIXY has made a triumphant return with the release of a fourth mini-album, CHOSEN KARMA, and their new bolder, darker style couldn't feel more quintessentially PIXY.

Consisting of six tracks, CHOSEN KARMA has the girls stepping into their own destinies and shaping the reality around them—and they've never been cooler. The title track, "KARMA," is especially iconic, with a pulsing rhythm, hip-hop vibes and horn stings, and lyrics that show just how far PIXY has come. We got the chance to chat with the group ahead of today's big release, and they shared the process behind their comeback with us in the interview below.

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Sweety High: What does the mini-album name CHOSEN KARMA mean to you? Why did that feel like the perfect name for this collection of songs? 

Lola: This track is about our destiny, which has not only been predetermined, but we are creating our own destiny, so I think this matches perfectly with the color of PIXY.

Dia: Looking back on how PIXY has come this far, we have tried our best with our goals and we learned a lot of meaningful lessons. And destiny is about accepting reality and facing it, so if we can make it happen, it's also pretty significant. I think this album is very meaningful for us!

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SH: Can you tell us about the track "KARMA"? Why did it feel like the best representation for the mini-album as a whole?

PIXY: "KARMA" is a hybrid remix track created by the fusion of "Hide & Seek" (funky style) and "Flip a Coin" (dark mood). These two songs with contrasting vibes create a unique color that only PIXY can show, so we decided to choose this song because it could also portray how PIXY has progressed.


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SH: What do you feel are the overarching themes of the mini-album? What kind of journey do you hope to take listeners on with it?

Rinji: I think the main theme of this album is destiny. This worldview is also about PIXY giving the "decided fate" to the Dark City and proving that PIXY is the "chosen fate." As you can see from our point choreography of flipping a coin, it's mostly focused on fate. Through this album, we would like to present the unique color and charm of PIXY to our fans. We are always trying new concepts in the genre and vibes of our music. Also, by maximizing PIXY's mysterious vibe, which is our strength, we tried to show trendiness and elegance, so I hope you can feel all our charm from this album.

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SH: How do you feel that you've grown as artists since REBORN? What aspects of your growing musical abilities are you most excited to share with fans on CHOSEN KARMA

Lola: Each of our members developed their own strengths through various challenges and looks, and regarding the genre, I think it's quite inclusive. We can cover any mood and make it our own, which shows how much PIXY has progressed.

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Sua: While preparing this album, I became less hesitant about trying new things. By facing new challenges and difficulties, we grew a lot stronger 🙂 Also, you can choose a variety of genres in this album based on your preferences. Especially our main track is a hybrid remix track, so there are countless charms in one song, and I wish you could enjoy them all.

Dia: This album has the original look of PIXY, but as Rinji joined and we grew more mature, we tried really hard to make it original to PIXY! So the tracks include different genres, and the performances are very charming, so I am very satisfied.

Dajeong: Through this album, I studied a lot about different expressions and the beauty of vocalists! PIXY has grown a lot since REBORN and we've put a lot of effort into diversity, so please enjoy our comeback with pleasure!

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SH: What does it mean to you to be returning to the U.S. for another tour? What's your favorite thing about performing for fans in the states? 

Lola: Whether it's the U.S. or any other country, it is our goal and promise with WINXY that we can visit anywhere WINXY await. I think we can show that we have a reciprocal relationship that can enrich each other!

Sua: It is a great fortune to visit WINXY and enjoy the concerts together, because they always give us strength and love. I think it's our chance to give back. And when I meet them in person, we receive energy from them, and I am so happy and grateful!

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Dia: We don't get a lot of chances to visit our fans overseas, but I am grateful that we got a chance to go on tour in the U.S. again. Our fans always support us and love us from far away, so we always want to give back and present happiness. They are very energetic too, so we are looking forward to it.

Dajeong: PIXY visited the U.S. twice for the concerts in Washington D.C. and Atlanta! And from what we experienced during that time, we are so excited and grateful to meet and enjoy the concerts with WINXY in the cities of the U.S. through the tour!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

PIXY: It has been nine months since our previous comeback, the longest hiatus since our debut, and we have always tried our best for our WINXY who have always been supportive and waited for us, but this time we worked especially hard to progress and develop! We've put our best efforts into our new album CHOSEN KARMA, so please show your love and support!

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