Proof That Ice Cream Isn't the Only Thing You Should Be Eating Out of a Cone

If we're being candid, half the fun of eating ice cream derives from knowing we have the option to eat it from a cone.

Cones are, after all, supremely fun. They're portable, easy to grasp and they provide us with an excusable reason to eat with our hands. Wouldn't it be great if more foods we love could be eaten this way? Well, they can.

Check out 14 of our other fave nibbles that can be scooped up right out of a cone.

1. Vegan Spicy Thai Salad Cone

Salad in a cone? We say yes. Yes, please. Who can argue with on-the-go healthy food?


2. Pizza Cone

Pizza is now easier to eat than ever


3. Chicken and Waffle Cone

Waffle cones were actually made for fried chicken. The perfect combo if you ask us. ????

Chicken & waffle cones are happening right now @ Glassell Park! 3329 Division St, LA, CA 90065 stop by and get one!

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4. Sushi Cone

No chopsticks required with this convenient meal!


5. Spaghetti Cone

No more twisting your fork to get that bite of pasta! Simply slurp, and you're good to go. Is that a garlic bread cone?! ????


6. Taco Cone

Tacos are already fairly portable, but look how rolling the shell just a couple centimeters more makes it that much easier to eat. 


7. Southwest Scramble Cone

This is the definition of breakfast on the go.

I wish every breakfast came like this – Southwest scramble cone. #disneyland #breakfastcone

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8. Chili and Mac & Cheese Cone

Two of our fave dishes in cones … is your mind blown yet?


9. S'more Cone

It's a campfire favorite, but all wrapped up. What could be better?


10. Fruit Cone

Cones can be healthy, too! Waffle fruit cups are our weakness. ????

That Summer Feeling ❤️☀️✌️???? #fruitcones #fruit #foodie #summer

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11. Pancake and Nutella Cone

Let's just all agree that rolled pancakes topped with dollops of Nutella would be heavenly right about now.


12. Cupcake Cone

Forget cupcake liner, sugar cones are the perfect base for this treat. 


13. Cheesecake Cone

These cannoli-inspired treats have our mouths watering right about now.


14. Coffee Cone

Whoever thought to put espresso in a chocolate-coated coffee cone was genius. Pure genius. 

There's espresso, & then there's espresso surrounded by an edible waffle cone, dipped in milk chocolate. Um…YUP. ☕️????

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