Here's What Your Pizza-Eating Style Reveals About Your Personality

Have you ever seen someone eat a slice of pizza in a really weird way? They'd probably think the same of you.

The truth is that there are lots of ways to eat pizza, and each of them has its merits and downsides. If you eat pizza in a unique fashion, here's what that says about you.

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Fork and Knife

If you eat pizza with a fork and knife, chances are you don't like to get your hands dirty. In most situations, you'd rather be the one making the decisions, making plans and leading others than the one doing the work. You're a big-picture person and don't care to get bogged down in the details. You put effort in the things you do and like to do them right, never lowering your standards.



If you dive into a pizza crust-first, you're a free thinker who doesn't care to live life like everyone else. You love attention, and one way to get it is to always stand out in the crowd. You know that the greatest satisfaction comes through patience and hard work, and you always like to save the best for last.


Folded in Half

If you fold your pizza in half lengthwise before you dig in, you're methodical and efficient. You know that if you prepare adequately for any situation you can minimize both time and mistakes, and you pride yourself in doing something well, quickly. You dislike sitting around, preferring to do something productive with your time.


No Crusts

If you eat all of your pizza but the crusts, you go after what you want. You know that every second of your life doing something you don't love is another second wasted. If something affects you negatively, you do what you can to cut it out of your life—this goes for both people and pizza crusts.

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If you use your hands to pick and eat the toppings from your pizza, you're a person with priorities, and you always have a plan of attack. When other people are happy with the status quo, you'd prefer to mix things up and aren't afraid to speak out or take action if it means you might be able to change things for the better.


No Toppings

If you pick all the toppings off your pizza before you take a bite, you know what you like and you won't let anyone change your mind. In all aspects of life, you always do you. You'd prefer things to go your way whenever possible, and you aren't afraid to put in extra work to make that happen.


Napkin Blot

If you blot the grease from your pizza with a napkin before you chow down, you do what you can to be health-conscious but aren't afraid to go all out every once in a while. You weigh and pros and cons of every action you take and you know how to balance cheat days and moderation.



If you always dip your pizza into a sauce, you like to live large. Whether you're dipping into marinara, ranch or melted butter, you are always dreaming of experiencing bigger and better things, and you're never afraid to spend a little extra for the more deluxe option. When you have access to anything new and improved, the old stuff just won't do.

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If none of the above apply to you and you eat pizza in the classic style, you're pretty traditional and don't like to make waves. You like setting a routine and sticking to it, and when people try to throw a wrench in your system, it can make life feel chaotic. Why change when things are great just the way they are?


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