7 Things to Do at L.A.'s 'Pizza Experience' Pop-Up (Besides Take Pics, of Course)

Move over, Museum of Ice Cream—there's a new mouthwatering pop-up in town, and we experienced it before anyone else!

That's right, The Pizza Experience, in L.A.'s beautiful town of Pasadena, is home to an immersive, multisensory experience devoted to everyone's fave cheesy meal. The new spot just opened its doors to the public today, Oct. 1, and will be around until early Feb. 2019.



A few Sweety High colleagues and I made our way to the museum on Friday afternoon, where we were overloaded (kind of how we like our toppings) with visuals and activities galore.

While there are more photo opps than you can imagine, the spot isn't just limited to a day of point and click. Keep reading for seven things you can do at The Pizza Experience, besides take pics.




1. Practice Tossin' Dough Like a Pro

How do they make it look so easy, you may wonder!

As we were informed during our VIP media tour, the faux-dough on display at the museum is in fact the same "dough" pizza chefs-in-the-making use to train themselves. With similar consistency to actual dough, this floppy, thin, round glob of goo will allow you to flip and spin as you so choose, but without the hassle of falling apart. And, of course, it certainly makes for a clutch Boomerang shot!

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2. Get in a Mini Workout

When I walked on into the "fitness room," I was immediately stunned by all the equipment. Of course I had to ask if any of it was actually usable (for more than just a photo opp), and sure enough, I was told that everything works. Granted, the huge, pizza-decorated barbells were probably less than a pound, but the bicycles and treadmills are there to make ya work up an appetite (or work one off)!

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3. Learn

My personal favorite part about the entire experience was the art room, where artists recreated every major type of pizza you can think of. Underneath each piece of the 3-D creations, there's a printed description listing what type of pizza you're eyeing, and how its distinct ingredients and texture came to be. While the Chicago Deep Dish could certainly pass for straight out of a horror movie, it only made us want to dash to the nearest Numero Uno pizzeria!




4. Relax

With so much to take it at any given museum, you're bound to be on your feet for a while. The great thing about The Pizza Experience is it breaks up the standing and sitting in pretty much every other room. Whether you plop down on a stuffed "dough" bag, sit daintily on the pizza throne, lounge on the couch in the chill room or rest your sleepy head on the pizza bed, I can assure you the experience will not wear you out.

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5. Eat!

You didn't think the creators of TPE would torture you with pizza-filled photo opp after photo opp and starve you, didja? Fear not, because, as we made our way through the museum, we had not one, but two edible stops: one at the Round Table Pizza room, and one in the cauliflower crust room. While guests are given only one slice per sitting (so two slices total throughout the tour), it's at least enough to tide you over before your next meal.



6. Buy Pizza Merch

Whether you fancy colorful socks or dad hats that make a statement, you're bound to find everything you need to share your love for pizza loud and proud, once you complete your tour.

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7. Explore Town

An added bonus of The Pizza Experience? Location, location, location! While some museums are squished in between the hustle and bustle of a million other places (and people) in Downtown or Hollywood, TPE's Pasadena home base is not only away from traffic, but attached to a peaceful community full of coffee shops, eateries and boutiques. TPE is just a few steps down from a convenient parking structure that offer 90 minutes free parking. Once you're done, take advantage of the beautiful scenery and beg mom and dad to take you for a nearby bite (or at the very least, a serving of homemade gelato from Swedish Scoops!).

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