8 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Pizza

Ah, pizza. The food of the people.

Thin crust or deep dish, plain or with the works, there's a pizza for everyone, and that's what we're celebrating on National Pizza Day!

But how much do you really know about the 'za? We did some digging, and came up with some incredible facts. Keep reading for all important answers to the questions you didn't even know you had about pizza.

1. Americans order 350 slices of pizza every second.

There are 70,000 pizzerias in the U.S.—over 17% of all restaurants.


2. The average American eats 23 pounds of pizza per year.

Some of us eat that much in a day.

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3. You can order pizza from space.

Pizza Hut became the first restaurant to deliver a pizza to space when it rocketed a pizza to astronaut Yuri Usachov at the International Space Station. The pizza was topped with extra spices (since tastebuds are dulled in space) and salami, so it wouldn't mold. 


4. Americans eat 250 million pounds of pepperoni on pizza per year.

There's really no such thing as too much pepperoni.


5. Saturday is the most popular night to eat pizza.

But really, is there an unpopular night?


6. Women are twice as likely as men to order vegetarian toppings on their pizza.

Controversial opinion: Salad pizza is the best pizza.

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7. The word "pizza" dates back over 1000 years.

The first known documentation of the word is in a Latin text from 997 C.E.


8. 61% of people prefer thin crust.

Sorry, Chicago!


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