Mini Pizza Is a Thing, and We Need It in Our Lunch Boxes ASAP!

In a dream world, your lunch box would always be filled with your fave foods—and at the same time.

Sometimes you crave pizza, pasta and sushi, and, you know what, having all three of those in one sitting just doesn't seem practical. Until now, maybe.

Mini lunch box food

(via Miniature Space)

You may be familiar with the YouTube channel, Miniature Space—an outlet that gained traction more than a year ago when it posted videos cooking tiny edible foods in a mini kitchen.

The channel is still functioning and pumping out amazing videos. The most recent uploaded clips are all meals we would gladly fill into our lunch boxes. Scroll below to check out these six mesmerizing mini-meals!

1. Mini Food Lunch Box

Rice, cucumbers, lunch meat, tomatoes and eggs? What doesn't this perfectly petite lunch box meal have? Can you picture how many of these bad boys you could pile into your actual lunch box?


2. Mini Pizza

Pizza is hands down one of the greatest foods there ever is (or ever will be!). Don't argue that. Make it in mini-form and its amazing factor skyrockets. Take a look at these precious pizzas and imagine how many of these you could eat and not feel the slightest bit guilty.


3. Mini Vegetable Sticks With Dipping Sauce

Don't worry, we haven't completely forgotten about making sure we fit some veggies in our diet. At least a few inches of our lunch box could be dedicated to this yummy little snack.


4. Mini Meat Spaghetti

Back to the carbs with this meat spaghetti dish! The miniature casserole dish completes the aesthetic of this meal if you ask us. We'll take ten!


5. Mini Sandwiches

Can we take a moment to admire these teeny-tiny sandwiches? We'd obviously pack a variety of these–we'd have the space, after all!

6. Mini Cheesecake

Because no lunch is complete without dessert, you could pack a few of these decadent cheesecakes as well. Eat the whole cake! We wouldn't blame you. ????


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