All-Too-Relatable Memes for Everyone Who's Pizza-Obsessed

We can pretty much all agree that pizza is one of the best things about life.

If you're as utterly obsessed with pizza as we are, you'll find these 13 memes incredibly relatable.

Three teenage girls eating pizza

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1. This pretty much sums up how you feel looking at all those pizza pics on your Insta feed.

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2. It's never just lunch or dinner time, it's always pizza time.


3. When you realize you need this on a shirt because it's ridiculously relevant.


4. The only motivation for eating an entire large pizza by yourself is this little phrase.


5. When all your friends are starting new relationships and all you care about is being with pizza.

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6. And when all your relatives ask why you're still single, you reply with this 100% truthful remark.

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7. Honestly, who needs Batman or Superman when pizza delivery guys exist?


8. Especially when they come faster than expected and you're waiting at your door like…


9. When you laugh at people's pain as they work out, because this is the only fitness regimen you care to follow.

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10. Some days you feel incredibly gluttonous and want all the pizza.

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11. You love your besties, but if they try to take that final slice of pizza away from you, they will feel your wrath.

12. But really though, what even is sharing? No one gets your pizza!

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13. And that moment when you realize pizza is the only thing that matters in life.♥️????


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