6 Foods More Mouthwatering With a Dessert Makeover

As children, our hearts melted when cereal, a simple food fave, was transformed into a delicious dessert by adding gooey marshmallows instead of milk.

The classic Rice Krispies Treat may have been our very first introduction to foods made better with a dessert makeover—and now we're completely obsessed.

Take a look at these six other totally tantalizing treats based on some of our fave foods.


Pizza just got a new look and we hardly recognize it. Swap the pepperoni for some chocolatey toppings and you have yourself a dessert pizza. Whether your slice is oozing cheese or chocolate, you just can't go wrong with pizza.



This fun, bite-sized food is a staple for a girls' night out. Sugary sushi is the ideal dessert. Wrap the roll in a Rice Krispies Treat and load on the candy or fruit instead of the usual fishy fixings. Re-imagine your favorite specialty rolls and give them cute names before 'gramming a pic of your decadent designs!



Taco and Tuesday go together like peanut butter and jelly, hot cocoa and winter, Nutella and a spoon. This Tuesday, go wild with a choco-taco bar. Use a waffle cone for your shell or roll out some cookie dough to make street-sized minis. Dollops of ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream will satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth out there.


French Fries

Fries are the perfect finger food for literally any occasion. But our favorite salty snack just got a little sweeter. Sub sweet potatoes for the regular rustic and sprinkle cinnamon or powdered sugar before baking. Serve with a side of caramel and you are in potato heaven.



With fries on our mind, we're totally in the mood for a dessert burger. Take it a step further and swap the bun out for a doughnut and you have yourself a slider that Buddy the Elf would gobble down in one bite.


Nachos are basically an edible centerpiece. Plop a plate of cheesy chips in the middle of the table and it'll be devoured in a matter of minutes. For seconds, bring out a plate of dessert nachos to impress your squad and beautify your spread. Instead of chips, this recipe uses a crunchy cookie to deliver all the delectable toppings to your mouth on a sprinkle-y platter.


Now that you have a toothache from all that sugar, read this personal account on how I survived metal mouth HERE.