10 Places to Buy the Cutest Claw Clips For All Hair Types

Whether you have long or short hair, styling it can be a real pain.

Luckily, adorable claw clips have become an essential accessory. Instead of spending hours styling your luscious locks, you can simply put your hair up in a clamp and make all your straggling hair a problem for another day. The '90s have entered the chat, and they're saying claw clips are the way to go. Here are 10 places to buy the cutest claw clips.


We all have a habit of straying from our shopping lists during visits to Target, but as you're perusing, keep an eye out for their retro claw clips.  Target has so many options of clips with all different patterns, sizes and styles. We love this Wild Fable claw clip ($5) because of its classic checkered design, great price and ability to hold a lot of hair.

Target purple checkered claw clip

(via Target)



We're huge fans of Anthropologie's Bohemian, artistic, pattern-packed and laid-back aesthetic, whether we're shopping for clothes, home goods or even accessories.  If you are looking for a chic clamp to throw up your hair for a whimsical look, check out the Amiee Claw Hair Clip Set ($24).

Anthropologie claw clip set

(via Anthropologie)


Urban Outfitters

We've seen a lot of the same styles of clips over and over again, but we can't get enough of Urban Outfitters' Alice Flat Claw Clips ($12) with their taller and thinner look. This design makes them easier to store or travel with, too. They come in six different colored marble patterns and look great styled with a matching outfit, and are great for the half-up, half-down hair look.

Urban Outfitters Claw Clips

(via Urban Outfitters)



Amazon is the place to find anything you want for a great price, and that, of course, includes claw clips. No matter what sizes, colors or patterns you want, they have them. We're big fans of this set of six classic clips in neutral tones, making them the perfect accompaniment to match any outfit.

Amazon neutral set

(via Amazon)


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We love discovering great brands through Revolve, and this blue two-piece set from Petit Moments ($30) is smaller with a playful look we adore. The blue checkered pattern is perfect for vibrant summer days, and the flashy sparkly clip pairs perfectly with outfits for summer nights.

Revolve Set Claw Clips

(via Revolve)



There's nothing like supporting small businesses through Etsy, and they have a great selection of claw clips. In case you're not into bright and flashy looks,  these thin and minimalistic leopard print clips ($4.50 to $5.50)  will do the trick.

Leopard clips from Etsy

(via Etsy)


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Searching through CIDER's clip selection will keep you busy for a while, but and we're big fans of this Butterfly Design Claw Clip ($5). Not only is the price right, but it'll look so cute in your hair on any summer's day.

Butterfly claw clips

(via CIDER)


Altar'd State

If you are new to the hair clip squad, check out Altar'd State's Brittany Claw Clip Set ($25) for a little bit of everything. This set comes with four clips in different sizes, shapes and colors to help you find out which styles you love—and which ones aren't quite right for you.

variety pack

(via Altar'd State)



You may think of Ulta as a spot for makeup and skincare products, but it's also a great one-stop shop for claw clips from various brands.  You need Baublebar's Anika Claw Hair Clip ($16) in your hair accessory collection. The pearly clip with red and green cherry-shaped gem details is so sweet.

Cherry claw clip

(via Ulta)



We couldn't help but have heart eyes for this hair clip. This ASOS DESIGN Hair Claw Clip With Hearts ($18) is unique, with large pink heart details on a clear clip to make it as practical as it is playful.

heart claw clip

(via ASOS)


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