This Is the Encouraging Advice Everyone Needs to Hear

Life can get pretty overwhelming from time to time.

Many of us, myself included, have had moments where we just felt like nothing was ever going to go our way.

It is then that we realize we need help, but seeking it is easier said than done. Finding someone you trust enough to open to can be an arduous process because showcasing your weaknesses to others is terrifying.

You can't just keep dealing with these types of issues on your own, so who do you turn to in this time of need?

Elizabeth Wilder, who works with To Write Love on Her Arms (a non-profit dedicated to helping those who feel hopeless find peace), recommends reaching out to a friend or family member first.

"My friends were the first to point out that I wasn't acting like myself," Elizabeth tells Sweety High. "That was kind of the wake-up call to know that I needed to reach out for help and not just be inside of myself all the time. I would say start with a friend or family member that you trust when you're ready to ask for help. I reached out to my best friend. He guided me to get even more help. It can be difficult, so I say start small and the rest will follow."

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While we all have that one friend or family member we trust more than anyone in the world, expressing how helpless you feel to them may not be something you're ready to do.

If you're not quite ready to physically talk to someone, Elizabeth urges contacting TWLOHA.

"If you're not comfortable talking with someone face to face, you can email," she shares. "There are also so many other non-profits. If we're not it, we encourage you to seek out HeartSupport or Hope for the Day. There are endless ways to say 'Hey, I'm looking for that extra push.'"

Your situation may be far past this point. If that's the case and you desperately need to get in touch with someone, Elizabeth notes to text 'TALK' to 741-741.

"You'll be connected with a crisis counselor instantly," she says. "It's available 24/7, so someone will get back to you immediately."

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Though all this information is incredibly beneficial, it's ultimately up to you to decide if you're ready to get help.

You may feel hopeless, but know that you matter. You were put on this earth for a reason, so don't let these dark times discourage you from moving forward.

"For anyone who feels lost right know, know your story is important and still being written," Elizabeth says. "You're the only one who can write it. We need you here because we want to read that story. We want to see where that dark can turn to light."

Get the help you deserve and continue writing your story. It's not finished quite yet.


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