5 Places to Shop for All Your Dorm Décor Essentials

Summer is here, and while that means plenty of outdoor picnics, beach trips and sunset pics, it also means one not-so-fun-in-the-sun thing: that back-to-school season is right around the corner.

While there's still plenty of time to soak in the sweet rays of summer sunshine, you'll want to start thinking ahead to next semester sooner than you'd think—especially if you're trading in the halls of your high school for the dorm halls of college.

Going off to college is a super exciting time for so many reasons, like living in a dorm! Dorm life is like nothing else, and for many of us, it's our first time truly living on our own. With that said, it's also the time to have a complete decorative revamp of your space! There are plenty of places out there to get your dorm décor essentials no matter what your style may be, but we've got a few ideas to start you off right, below.

1. Target

Could we possibly love Target any more than we already do? Once you stroll through the aisles of their dorm décor (which they usually release sometime in mid-summer to leave time for you to get everything you need before heading off to college), the answer might just be yes. Bonus—most of the dorm stuff from Target is pretty affordable! This is also a great spot if you need any extra small furniture or appliances, not just décor.


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If there's one place where you can truly get all the essentials you need under one roof, it's IKEA. This Swedish sweet spot of furniture, basic household items and pure decorative bliss (not to mention pretty good food, too) is a go-to for all your dorm décor needs.


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3. Amazon

Amazon won't just be your best friend when you get to college for the sake of being able to order all your textbooks through it—it's also a great source of some unexpected dorm décor. From lamps to light up your late-night study sessions to microwaves, rice makers, room accessories that speak to your style (and leave your roommates impressed with your interior design skills) and more, Amazon has it all at the tip of your fingertips.


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4. Urban Outfitters

If you're willing to spend a little more but have a specific style in mind for your soon-to-be room, Urban Outfitters is a great underrated spot for dorm décor essentials. You'll find unique pieces here that can really liven up what would probably be an otherwise rather bland space (the white-painted cinderblock walls and fluorescent lighting of a classic dorm room will haunt us all). It's a great place to find accent items like coffee table books, personality-piece knick-knacks, lamps and lighting, tapestries, other hanging prints and even records.


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5. Etsy

If you really want something truly unique that speaks to your style, head to the homemade haven that is Etsy. Here, you have access to items that sellers across the world create—often even handmaking them to your exact specifications. Some things can be a little pricey, but it's worth it to support these creative sellers and fill your space with something you couldn't find anywhere else.


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