5 Amazing Plant-Based TikTok Creators You Need to Follow

Many different communities form on TikTok, and growing every day is the plant-based TikTok community.

The plant-based hashtag has 966.7 million views and the vegan hashtag has 9.1 billion views. Plant-based videos from delicious vegan meals like "nature's cereal" to educational content continuously go viral. It helps that trendy TikTok accounts like the amazing Lizzo and beloved Tabitha Brown influence people to eat plant-based and make plant-based eating more accessible. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming when there is so much information out there. It's useful to find a few accounts that you like and trust so you can refer to them. There are thousands of incredible plant-based influencers to follow on TikTok, but we picked five of our favorite creators. Here are five Plant-Based TikTok creators for inspiration and education.

Gabrielle Reyes

Gabrielle Reyes is an actress, singer, TikTok creator and incredible plant-based chef. Gabrielle creates healthy plant-based meals that are as delicious as they are nourishing. She has so many delicious recipes like Caribbean spice cheesy tostadas, spring smoothie bowl, Haitian spaghetti and carrot cake muffins. Gabrielle is such a ray of positivity and her videos will always leave you feeling happy.

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Carleigh Bodrug

Carleigh Bodrug's bio reads "CEO of veganizing your favorite food," and she lives up to that title! You find incredible and simple recipes on her page like watermelon ahi-tuna, carrot bacon, chickpea french toast and broccoli pesto penne. She also shows practical tips like meal prep ideas and plant-based grocery items. Carleigh is bubbly and encouraging to everyone no matter where they are in their plant-based journey.

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Gary Harris Jr

Gary Harris Jr probably has the most diverse and intriguing plant-based recipes. His vegan recipes vegan pineapple teriyaki bowl, mozzarella sticks, chocolate-chip pumpkin bars, and mac n cheeze. All his recipes look incredible and even the most anti-plant-based person would fall in love with his meals. Gary has a really fun personality and you can tell he's passionate about plant-based eating.


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♬ Thoughts – L.Dre


Joanne L. Molinaro

Joanne L Molinaro has a unique account that feeds both your body and mind. She films herself making delicious vegan meals, but the audio is either a story from her life or an important lesson. Recently she talked about learning how to love herself by eating food that she truly enjoys while making delicious vegan Korean recipes. You will not only be inspired to try her fancy ramen recipe but feeling more empowered mentally as well.


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Taylor is a vegan nutritionist who shares balanced and delicious vegan food. Taylor's account is especially helpful because she offers nutritional advice for vegans. Her TikTok videos about vegan supplements are an essential watch for anyone transitioning to a plant-based diet. Taylor makes eating vegan so accessible for people looking for advice and realistic meal inspiration.


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