These Lovely Plant Holiday Gifts are Perfect for Anyone With a Green Thumb

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about all of the gifts you need to buy—but if you have a major plant-lover in your life, we're about to make things a lot easier for you.

Whether your loved one is a passionate gardener, a lover of fresh flowers or simply loves keeping around unkillable succulents, this gift guide has them covered. Keep scrolling for all of the plant gifts the green thumb in your life will love this holiday season.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Planter: $150

Not all plant-lovers are looking for dainty, feminine and colorful vessels for their favorite plants. That's why we're so obsessed with Original Rose and their unique planters, resembling basketballs and iconic sneakers. This Nike Air Jordan 1 Planter has an incredible look, and is made from gypsum-resin and is hand casted. It can even be painted to make a completely original, and ever-iconic look.

Original Rose Nike Air Jordan 1 Planter

(via Orignal Rose)


Rooted Baby Mystery Jungle Box + Planter Set: $35

What plant mom doesn't love adding more adorable plants to her arsenal? We're huge fans of Rooted's Baby Mystery Jungle Box, featuring three tiny plants (in two-inch terracotta planters) because it features colorful and unusual plants, and they're just the right size for decorating your desk and other functional spaces. Plus, they have boxes for plants specifically for medium/low light or bright/direct light, so there's something for every space in the home.

Rooted Baby mystery jungle box

(via Rooted)


ēdn SmallGarden: $199.95

For those who love plants, but lead busy lives and can't always remember to take care of them, we love ēdn and their unique SmallGarden technology. This handy planter, made with real walnut wood, is a wifi-controlled garden that keeps plants happy with LED lighting, while also reminding you to water them when they get a little dry. It also uses soil-less SeedPods for clean growing, and gives tips and tricks to grow the best plants possible. It's basically fool-proof, so that anyone can become a gardening master.

Edn SmallGarden Plants

(via ēdn)


Homegrown Garden Vegetable Seeds – 20 Variety: $25

If you've got a serious gardener in your life, chances are that they won't be super impressed by the basic seeds you can get at any home and garden shop. That's why we love the variety that comes in this Homegrown Garden Vegetable Seeds pack. The seeds are tested for high germination rates and yield incredible and unique veggies including contender beans, Waltham broccoli, blue scotch kale, Oregon sugar peas, Marglobe heirloom tomatoes, black beauty summer squash and more so that their crops will be the envy of the neighborhood come harvest season.

Heirloom Vegetable Seed Pack

(via Homegrown)


Lula's Garden Trio Garden: $72

There's a good reason that people can't get enough succulents. They come in gorgeous colors and unique shapes, and they're hardy enough to thrive with minimal maintenance. Just look at this Trio Garden from Lula's Garden, featuring a zebra, echeveria and cactus plants in special planters, and tell us you don't want it in your home.

Lula's Garden Trio Garden

(via Lula's Garden)


Roseshire Eyes for You: $99

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without the classic gift of holiday roses—but we're into the brands that are doing flowers a little differently. This adorable collab between Roseshire and Disney features Mickey Mouse on one side and Minnie Mouse on the other, featuring preserved roses in red or black that will last one to two years without any water. Unlike many flower gifts, it'll last and last, so the gift keeps on giving.

Roseshire Eyes for You Minnie Mouse

(via Roseshire)


Farmgirl Flowers Evermore: $78

We can't be the only ones who'd prefer a stunning foliage bouquet over regular flowers any day of the week, and Farmgirl Flowers has just the thing with their Evermore bouquet. Each bundle features about 25 stems of the most gorgeous wild greenery, and the included plants change seasonally, featuring eucalyptus, limonium and more. It smells so fresh and enchanting, bringing the wilderness right into the home, and is sure to wow plant-lovers of all kinds.

Farmgirl Flowers Evermore

(via Farmgirl Flowers)


Farmgirl Flowers Fa La La Lavender: $73

Looking for something slightly more festive? Sure, mini Christmas trees will always be winners, but we can't get enough of this Fa La La Lavender plant, also from Farmgirl Flowers. It's a living six-inch lavender plant that comes with a plastic grower's pot, as well as a decorative corrugated metal pot, plus 14 mini glass orb ornaments, a glittery star garland and a six-foot strand of twinkle lights, so it's perfect for the holiday season while smelling like a dream.

Farmgirl Flowers Fa La La Lavender

(via Farmgirl Flowers)


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