PlayMG Co-Owned By Olivia Holt!

Olivia Holt is now a partner and co-owner for PlayMG, a portable gaming system by Android! PlayMG

The "Kickin' It" and "I Didn't Do It" star recently became a part of the PlayMG team as a partner and co-owner alongside NBA all-star Kyrie Irving. She said that she became interested in the PlayMG because of its focus on fun gaming apps for kids.

"It does anything a smartphone can do except it's not on a data plan. It's really awesome," Olivia said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. "What I love about it is that it tends to teach kids a little bit about responsibility because their parents can only put a certain amount of money on it that they can use once a week. It's really cool because it teaches them to not constantly be spending money."

The system comes pre-loading with 11 games and has wi-fi that lets users download even more!  It's also super portable, with a 4-inch touchscreen.

Olivia will give weekly recommendations on apps for users, and will also play a key role in designing accessories for the PlayMG!

"I'm a girl gamer and I feel like a few years ago girl gamers were neglected in the video game market," Olivia added. "But now you just see girls constantly playing games."

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