Pley Will Change The Way We Play With LEGO!

Pley is a new company that can completely reinvent the way we play with LEGO sets! It allows families to borrow LEGO toy sets, build them, deconstruct and send them back only to receive a new set in a few days!lego pley metalbeards duel

Most kids receive a set of LEGO blocks, build it out according to the manual, and once they have the finished product, store it somewhere to collect dust. While it can be cool to admire what you've created, this method can be wasteful as well as expensive.

Pley aims to eliminate this waste by allowing customers to rent out shared LEGO sets only as long as they're needed. Users start by adding sets they want to build to their queue, or "Pleylist."

Depending on your monthly payment, you can select LEGO sets from different tiers. The $15-a-month Fan plan allows access to the smaller sets, while the $25 Super Fan and $39 Mega Fan plans allow you to add bigger and better sets to your Pleylist! Plus, shipping is always free.

Sets are sent out not necessarily on their position in the user's playlist, but their availability. The more sets you add, the faster you'll receive one!

Pley has a huge selection to choose from, including sets from architecture, classic movies, Ninjago, LEGO Friends, LEGO creator, Duplo and lots more. There are more than 250 sets to choose from in total!lego pley star wars droid escape

Pley sets come in the mail in a package that can be resealed and sent back when you're done, complete with a prepaid and addressed shipping label.

The sanitized LEGO pieces come in a mesh zip-bag, with the set manual and deconstructed mini-figures inside. Once you receive your package, it's time to get building!

As you build your masterpiece, be sure to take note of any missing pieces and report them to Pley online. Once you're done, you can also take a photo of the creation and share it online!

When you're ready, it's time to take apart the LEGO set. It'll be your duty to deconstruct the thing and separate every piece, and for many builders, this is quote a new experience!

Even if it can sometimes be tough to pry the pieces apart, it's worth it once you've sent it back and you receive your next set in a few days!

Pley is fun, simple, and best of all, can save LEGO-loving families a lot of money in a short amount of time. Best of all, your first set comes as a free trial, and you can invite friends to get $10 off your sets. Plus, it can be canceled anytime.

If you're part of a family that would build a LEGO set even every couple of weeks, Pley is definitely worth checking out! Visit their website here!

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