If Pocahontas Is Your Fave Disney Princess, You Absolutely Need These Items

If Pocahontas is truly your fave Disney princess and you've always dreamed of painting with all the colors of the wind, you're in luck.

We're about to put some color and charm into your life with 11 items that are inspired directly by the princess who has captured your heart.

Pocahontas Charms: $10.88

How charming are these handmade little Pocahontas trinkets that you can add to a necklace or bracelet?

Pocahontas charm bracelet

(via Etsy)


Pocahontas Tank: $14.89

So you think you're really similar to Pocahontas? Then you need this shirt to prove it.

Pocahontas tank from Etsy

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Pocahontas Painted Clutch: $40

This hand-painted clutch is truly unique and the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Pocahontas painted clutch

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Pocahontas Print: $2.99

Subtly bring one of your fave movie quotes into your bedroom with this bold, bright and beautiful print.

Colors of the Wind print from 'Pocahontas'


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Pocahontas Vinyl Clock: $29

If unique is what you're looking for, this vinyl clock made from a vintage old record is exactly what you're looking for. Would you look at the detail in this thing. ????

Pocahontas vinyl clock

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Pocahontas Mickey Ears: $27

On your next trip to Disneyland, wear these bad boys around and no one will question which princess you love the most.

Pocahontas Mickey ears

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Pocahontas Mug: $15

Sip on your coffee, tea or hot cocoa and admire the lovely Pocahontas all at once? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Pocahontas mug from Etsy

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Pocahontas-Inspired Nails: $14

Why stop at clothing and accessories when you can show your affection for Pocahontas through nail art!? These cute designs should do the trick.

Pocahontas-inspired nails

(via Etsy)


Pocahontas Computer Decal: $2.49

Carry your passion for the curious and carefree princess with you to school by rocking this simple decal.

Pocahontas computer decal

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Pocahontas Bow: $7.99

Mimic Pocahontas' unique and gorgeous style with this simple bow.

Pocahontas-inspired bow


(via Etsy)


Pocahontas Phone Case: $11.97

And finally, if you really never want the princess to leave your side, top your phone with this stunning portrait case. ❤️️

Disney Pocahontas phone case (via Etsy)


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