12 Poetry Quotes to Read If You're Wallowing in Your Feelings About Your Crush

Ugh, crushes.

While having feelings for someone can bring moments of total excitement and happiness, as a whole it's just frustrating and anxiety-inducing to care about someone who might not even know you exist.

Having a crush, especially one who you know isn't going anywhere, can lead to a lot of sadness, causing you to wallow in all your unrequited feelings.

Thankfully, you're not the only one. If you want to get out of your sorrowful state, keep scrolling for 12 poetry quotes you need to read if you're wallowing in your feelings about your crush.

1. Sometimes the idea is better than the person:


2. Don't get too lost in your own expectations:

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3. Search for someone who takes the time to truly understand you:

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4. Your feelings can't last forever without some encouragement:


5. You can only give so many chances before you have to walk away:


6. It's okay to be sad:


7. You are enough:

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8.  Some things end so better things can begin:


9. There's someone out there waiting for you:

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10. Just because you want him, doesn't mean he deserves you:


11. Your heart will catch up eventually:


12. Start the new year fresh:


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