Pokémon Art Academy Makes You a Pokéartist!

The upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Art Academy aims to make you a master of painting Pokémon and more!Pokemon Art Academy Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Art Academy teaches players of all artistic abilities to draw their favorite Pokémon, starting with simple step-by-step tutorials and teaching new techniques with assignments of increasing difficulty.

The game includes 40 step-by-step lessons that will teach gamers techniques including the use of basic shapes to compose an outline, adding depth to images with color, and much more.

It starts of easy, with lessons in basic shapes and coloring. Soon, instructions include shading, blending and use of various media to create truly impressive Pokéart!

The game incorporates tools such as markers, colored pencils, pastels, paint and airbrushes to bring your drawings to life.

Over 100 Pokémon images are available in-game for use as a guide, including Pokémon mega-evolutions. Players' artistic creations are saved in the form of Pokémon cards and can be printed or shared online via Miiverse galleries.

The in-game illustration instructor Professor Andy might just turn casual gamers into bona fide artists!

Pokémon Art Academy launches on Nintendo 3DS October 24! Until then, we're just going to have to draw Pokémon the old fashioned way!

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