Rep Your Fave Pokémon With This Cute and Simple Pocket Tee DIY

Why buy an expensive Pokémon T-shirt when you can make a cute one of your own at home?

Pokémon Pocket Tees: Pikachu, Charmander and Jigglypuff

This simple DIY shows you how to take a normal white pocket tee and give it a cute update to feature your favorite Pokémon with just some tape, fabric paints and brushes.

Though each of the three designs we'll be showcasing feature different Pokémon, the same basic items are used to make each one possible. For each shirt, you'll need:

  • A white T-shirt with a pocket
  • Foam brushes
  • Masking or painting tape
  • A wood skewer or coffee stirrer
  • Fabric paint in the necessary colors
  • A small piece of cardboard

Pokémon Pocket Tee DIY supplies



To create Pikachu, you'll need yellow, red, white and black fabric paint.

Start by placing tape carefully around the pocket. This will ensure that you don't paint outside of the pocket area in the next step.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Pikachu masking step

Before you start painting the entire pocket area yellow, place a rectangular piece of cardboard or cardstock within the pocket. This will make it easier to coat and prevent the paint from seeping through the material. Using your foam brush, paint the pocket yellow. Let dry before moving on to the next step.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: painting step

Next is the tricky part! Using a combination of your stick and the foam brushes (you can snip one with scissors for a finer tip), carefully paint on the details of Pikachu's face using the red, white and black paints. It helps to let the paint dry before applying more layers on top.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: painting details step

Once fully painted, remove the cardboard and the tape before it dries entirely. Within a few hours, it should be dry and ready to wear.

Pikachu Pokémon Pocket Tee



Painting Charmander requires orange, red, pink, blue, black and white paints. Like before, be sure to tape off the pocket and place the rectangle of cardboard in the pocket before fully painting it orange.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Charmander painting orange step

Once the orange paint dries, carefully start painting on the details. Create big white spaces for the eyes, and use black and a thin wood stick for thinner details like Charmander's eyebrows and nostrils, plus the outline of its mouth.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Charmander painting details step

Once that paint dries, you can go in for more details. Use black and blue to fill in the eyes, and carefully paint in the mouth, tongue and teeth. If you'd like, you can use black to outline the details in the mouth and create sharper lines.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Charmander finishing details step

When you're done painting, remove the cardboard and paint. Wait until the paint dries completely before wearing.

Pokémon Pocket Tee Charmander finished



To paint Jigglypuff, use pink, black, white, blue and brown paints. Start by taping around the pocket, placing the cardboard within the pocket and painting the pocket pink.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Jigglypuff pink square

Once dry, start painting in the details. Use your wood stick to carefully draw Jigglypuff's curl in black. This will help you place Jigglypuff's eyes, which at this point you should create with big white ovals. Just below the eyes, make a slight smile with black. Finish this step with two small brown triangles that make up Jigglypuff's ears.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Jigglypuff details painting

Once the white eyes have totally dried, you can start filling in the eyes. Using your paint stick, carefully draw in the blue eyes, leaving in the white pupils. If you make a mistake, you can go in later with more white to correct.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Jigggypuff finished details

Once you've painted the eyes, you can remove the cardboard and tape and your creation in complete. Let it dry before wearing it proudly.

Pokémon Pocket Tee: Jigglypuff shirt finished

Don't see your favorite Pokémon featured here? You can use the same steps above to create pretty much any Pokémon you can think of, as long as you have the colors and the skill to paint them.


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