18 Unique Fashion Items Every Pokémon Trainer Will Want in Their Closets

If you want to be a master of Pokémon, you need to look the part.

But don't go out there wearing the same old merch as everyone else. These unique, funny and handmade items from the web will help you stand out as the very best, like no one ever was.


Pikachu Skater Dress: $68.40

Pikachu Dress Living Dead Clothing

(via Living Dead Clothing)


Pikachu + Raichu Nightlight T-Shirt: $10.99

Pokémon Pikachu plugin T-shirt

(via Etsy)


Growlithe Knit Cap: $27.75

Pokémon Growlithe beanie

(via Etsy)


Squirtle Socks: $9.95

Pokémon Squirtle blue socks

(via Etsy)


Lapras Orange Islands T-Shirt: $20

Pokémon Orange Islands Lapras T-shirt

(via Etsy)


Pokémon Gen. 1 Starter Hoodie: $34.04

Great Pokémon hoodie with starters: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle

(via Etsy)


Pokémon Print Skirt: $35

White Pokémon print skirt

(via Etsy)


Ash's Cap: $10

Pokémon: Ash's snapback baseball cap

(via Etsy)


Mews T-Shirt: $20.42

Pokémon Mews muse T-shirt

(via Etsy)


Pikachu Converse: $48.99

Purple Pokémon Pikachu converse sneakers

(via Etsy)


"The Starters" Beatles-Inspired T-Shirt: $16.99

Pokémon Beatles Abbey Road T-Shirt: The Starters

(via Etsy)


Water-type Pokémon Leggings: $39

Water-type Pokémon leggings with Magikarp, Staryu and Krabbie

(via Etsy)


Magikarp Beanie: $55

Pokémon Magikarp beanie

(via Etsy)


Ash + Pikachu Pixel T-Shirt: $12.19

Ash and Pikachu pixel sprites t-shirt

(via Etsy)


Handpainted Pikachu and Squirtle Vans: $59.99

Hand-drawn Pokémon Vans with Pikachu and Squirtle

(via Etsy)


Snorlax "Sleep All Day!" T-Shirt: $24.64

Pokémon Snorlax T-shirt: Sleep All Day

(via Etsy)


Pikachu Hoodie: $80

Pokémon Pikachu hooded sweater

(via Etsy)


Pokémon Print Dress: $60

Cute blue Pokémon print dress

(via Etsy)


Jigglypuff + Wigglytuff: "Workin' My Puff into Tuff" T-Shirt: $13.99

Pokémon T-shirt with Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff: Workin' my puff into tuff

(via Etsy)


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