New Pokémon Are Coming to Pokémon Go TODAY

As we predicted, some new creatures are coming to Pokémon Go today, and we can't wait to get our hands on them!

Sometime today, an app update will introduce at least two all-new Pokémon to the game. There's Togepi, the egg Pokémon, and Pichu, the pre-evolution to everyone's favorite Pokémon mascot, Pikachu.

Both Pokémon can only be obtained by hatching Eggs—so we're about to get a bit of a workout on our hunt for these coveted monsters.

Other egg-borne creatures haven't officially been announced, but we can pretty much guess they'll be following soon. They include Cleffa, Smoochum and Igglybuff, who evolve into Clefairy, Jynx and Jigglypuff respectively—and that's only a few of them.

And did we mention that a holiday Pikachu is also coming to Pokémon Go? Pikachus sporting Santa hats will start appearing sometime today until Dec. 29. We need one now!

Holiday Pikachu in Pokémon Go update

(via Pokémon Go Live)


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