You'll Want to Catch Every Piece of This Adorable Pokémon Jewelry

Any Pokémon trainer knows that accessorizing is key to success.

If you're a fan of the Pokémon games, we bet at least one of these stunning pieces of jewelry is going to catch your eye as well as your heart.

Leaf Stone Necklace: $25

This translucent necklace features an evolutionary Leaf Stone that's perfect for evolving your favorite grass-type Pokémon and accessorizing your outfits.

Leaf stone translucent necklace

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Poké Ball Metal Ring: $9.19

This cute metallic ring with a Poké Ball design is simple and refined. Who said showcasing your love for Pokémon had to be flashy?

Pokémon simple Poké Ball metal ring

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Pokémon Go Team Valor, Instinct and Mystic Rings: $13.29 each

If you're still passionate about Pokémon Go, chances are that you're all about your team, whether it's Valor, Instinct or Mystic. Now, you can rep that team with one of these shiny rings.

Pokémon Go Team Mystic, Valor and Instinct rings

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Kanto Gym Badge Pins: $2.75 each

If you want to conquer the Indigo Plateau, you'll first need all of Kanto's badges. Collect and wear 'em all!

Pokémon kanto gym badge pins

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Ditto Earrings: $6

Ditto is everyone's favorite versatile transforming Pokémon. These earrings are pretty adaptable, too.

Ditto earrings

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Sterling Silver Pikachu Pendant Necklace: $45

Pikachu is pretty much synonymous with the Pokémon name, making this pendant necklace playfully chic.

Pikachu sterling silver Pokémon necklace

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Togepi Egg Earrings: $6.50

The adorable Togepi introduced us to the concept of hatching Pokémon eggs, making it totally worthy of its own sweet set of earrings.

Togepi Egg Earrings

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3D-Printed Bulbasaur Ring: $3.50

These colorful chunky plastic rings add a pop of vibrance to any look. Bonus points because Bulbasaur is the cutest.

3D-printed multicolored bulbasaur rings

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Evolutionary Stone Charm Bracelet: $17

Evolutionary stones allow certain Pokémon to unlock their full potential, transforming them into their most powerful forms. This cute charm bracelet should give you a boost of confidence to do exactly the same.

Pokémon evolutionary stone charm bracelet

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Jigglypuff Cone Necklace: $11

We don't know exactly why Jigglypuff is sitting like a scoop of strawberry ice cream in a cone, but it sure is cute as a polymer charm on a silver chain.

Jigglypuff ice cream cone pendant necklace

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Eevee Cling Earrings $9.50

These front-back Eevee earrings with adorable dangling tails bring the cute fox Pokémon to life. Eevee brims with potential, and so does your entire ensemble when you wear these earrings.

Eevee front-back dangle earrings

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Pikachu and Red Bead Necklace: $7.88

This chain featuring Pikachu and Red's nostalgic 8-bit adventure gives us all the feels.

Pikachu and Red and Blue pixel necklace

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Eeveelution Charm Bracelet: $14.99

Eevee has a whopping eight potential evolutions, and every one of them is represented as a charm on this cute bracelet. There's something here to love for any Pokémon fan.

Eeveelution Pokémon charm bracelet

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