This Pokémon-Inspired McFlurry Flavor Is Coming to McDonald's—But There's a Catch

If you didn't know that a Pokémon McFlurry was coming to McDonald's, it's probably because you don't live in Japan—the only place they'll be available. Why does Japan get all the good stuff?

The McDonald's Japan Twitter account recently concluded a contest deciding which of six Pokémon-inspired ice cream flavors would soon be hitting the shelves.

Some sounded pretty delicious, like Jigglypuff's white peach, Squirtle's fizzy Ramune soda and Gengar's purple ube McFlurries. On the gross side of the spectrum, there was also a fiery habanero flavor for Charmander and a broccoli—that's right, broccoli—flavor for the grass-type Bulbasaur.

The vote concluded yesterday with voters selecting the obvious choice, Pikachu's chocolate banana flavor. It'll be available at McDonald's locations across Japan starting this Friday.

We'd eagerly sit through an 11-hour flight to Japan just to taste it.


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