If You Were a Pokémon, Here's What Your Name Would Be

What would you be like if you were a Pokémon?


(Pokémon via TV Tokyo)

We happen to have the answer to that very question. With just your name and your birth month, we'll tell you not only what your name would be if you were a Pokémon, but also what your Pokémon type and creature would be.

First, locate the first letter of your first name on this chart. That will be the start of your Pokémon name.


Next, find your birth month on this chart to discover the second part of your Pokémon name.


Put them together to form the entire name. Are you a Butterflit or a Tuffpuff?

But a Pokémon is so much more than its name. Use the chart below to decipher which Pokémon type you are, according to the first half of your Pokémon name, and birth month chart to figure out which kind of creature you are. It's easier than catching a Pokémon.



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