Polar Bear Cubs Play In the Snow- Video Pick Of the Day!

Polar bear cubs play in the snow

If there's anything cuter than a polar bear cub playing in the snow, it's got to be TWO fluffy white polar bear cubs!

Polar bear cubs are born anywhere from November to January, and usually come in a litter of one or two cubs. At birth, they're about the size of a chipmunk, which can be surprising considering they can grow to be up to 1200 lbs!

The cubs still in the den with their mother until March or April. They have to build some body weight before they'll be able to stand the freezing polar temperatures!

To get to that point, the drink a LOT of their mom's milk. Polar bear milk is 33% fat. Compare that to the 3.6% cow's milk, and you'll see how the baby polar bears can bulk up in time for the spring!