THIS Camera Helps You Share Photos With Your Friends in the Easiest (and Cutest) Way Possible

If you're anything like me, you love snapping pictures.

It's a fun way to capture a moment and cherish a memory, and nowadays it's easier than ever, considering there are so many types of cameras on the market.

Although using an iPhone to capture great snaps digitally is awesome, sometimes you just want an actual, tangible picture that you can hold, pin on your bulletin board or take with you anywhere.

I recently discovered the perfect camera to do just that: Polaroid's Snap Touch.

Polaroid snap and pictures next to it

When I first found this camera at Target, I was totally captivated by its appearance. To me, it looks just like the Instagram camera, but IRL.

If you're not a pink person, it also comes in white, black, blue red, and purple—so many options.

Pink snap polaroid camera

What's even greater than the camera's appearance are all the features. This thing comes equipped with a 3.5" LCD Display that makes it super easy to snap, view and edit the picture all in one sitting.

Once you take a picture on this bad boy, you have the option to add digital filters (just like Instagram!), apply borders and stickers and—get this—print or share each photo immediately via the Polaroid app.

If you do choose to print out the photo, the quality is A+, seriously. The camera's ZINK zero ink print technology quickly prints vibrant photos on petite 2×3″ smudge-proof adhesive paper that allows you to stick each picture on virtually anything. Amazing. ????

Polaroid camera printing a picture

I've taken this thing with me on road trips, weekend visits to the beach and just daily strolls through my neighborhood, and I'm obsessed.

It doesn't matter if you use this camera for travel, fun or crafting, it's an awesome accessory and I'd highly recommend it. It doesn't hurt that it's ultra cute, too.

If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can pick one up at major retailers including Macy's, Target, Best Buy and Walmart or online on Amazon.

Get ready to snap away!


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