How to a Create Fairy-Worthy Polka Dot Liner Makeup Look

The beauty of makeup is there isn't a wrong way to create something. Inspiration can take on so many different forms, and I'm constantly taking notes from all the beautiful and creative looks I see on Instagram.

I've recreated a ton of different makeup looks here for you on Sweety High—rainbow eyes, glitter lips—heck I even tried to draw flames on my face (which was super hard, might I add). So, when I stumbled upon this polka dot liner look on Lime Crime's page, I immediately knew I wanted to create something similar.

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As I started to play with drawing dots on my hand, I was quickly reminded that making circles—or drawing any shape evenly for that matter—isn't really my strong suit.

drawing polka dots test

But, instead of getting discouraged, I decided to take inspiration from the polka dot liner look and create my own, more bohemian version that allows for less even dots. The result? Something pretty magical that's fit for a fairy. Heck, I want to grab some wings and make this my Halloween costume this year. Below, check out my step-by-step tutorial.


Step 1: Apply Normal Face Makeup + Brows

Start off with your typical face makeup routine, and fill in your brows so you have a nice even brow line to use as a guide.


Step 2: Apply Shadow Primer

To ensure the dots stay in place, apply a shadow primer to your entire eyelid the whole way up to your brow. Let it set for a minute or two. This will help ensure your dots don't slip and slide all around your lid.

Smash box shadow primer


Step 3: Black Liquid Liner

I decided to start with black liquid liner because I knew it was going to be the easiest. I only had black and purple liquid liners, and the rest of the colors were in pencil form, aka much less precise. I started at the inner corner of my eye, and followed my crease line, creating dots both above and below the crease at random. I basically created a cat eyeliner shape off of my waterline, and extended the dots out to my temples.

Graphic black eyeliner black polka dots

graphic black polka dot look

Honestly, I liked this look so much I almost stopped here. I would totally wear this look for a night out—it's so graphic and minimal. But, I wanted to try my take at this look, so I decided to continue. But, by all means, stop here if you like.

Tip: Keep a Q-tip on hand to quickly wipe away any wonky dots.


Step 4: Start Applying Colors

Next, I layered on the colorful eye pencils, starting with red. I quickly learned here that my circles were going to be in no way (or shape, lol) perfect. So I went with it, pushing the tip of the eyeliner pencil flat into my lid, creating a softer looking circle. I learned that it looked better if I just went really random and layered the circles on top of each other. I used red, blue and pink.

Polka dots blue liner red liner

pola dot blue liner red liner

all color liner polka dot look


Step 5: Apply Liner + Mascara

Once I was happy with my look, I applied a medium thickness cat eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.

final polka dot makeup look with black liner and mascara

Sure, my version doesn't look exactly like the original, but I'm totally into both versions, and love the way this crease dot liner makes my eyes pop. Would you try this look?


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