8 Mini DIY Clay Projects You'll Want to Start Immediately

Have you heard of Polymer clay? If you haven't, you're totes out of the loop.

This amazing modeling clay is the perfect craft supply for the DIY queen in you. You can basically make teeny-tiny anything with it, but we came up with a few good ideas for your next summer project. See what we mean below:


1. Mini Panda

This itty-bitty panda is precious and makes a solid desk or room decoration. I mean, who doesn't love pandas!?

2. Mini Chanel Bag

real Chanel bag would be a major splurge, but never fear, these adorable mini versions are just as cute and won't break the bank. Now that's our kind of accessory!


3. Mini Burger & Fries

This crafty little burger and fries set is making our mouths water. Hmm, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to have this one sitting on our desk all the time after all.


4. Mini Emojis

Because we need emojis in every aspect of our lives, it's time you made some IRL ones, too. These might take a while, but are they worth it? Absolutely.


5. Mini Donuts

Donuts. Need we say more? You can even grab a few supplies and turn this one into an adorable necklace.


6. Mini Cookie

Coming in hot on the cute and useful list is this mini clay cookie that can also double as a tea bag holder. We obviously wouldn't mind having this little guy with our morning cup of tea.


7. Mini Rubik's Cube

This tiny Rubik's Cube is rad because it can be made into a keychain that actually rotates. Yep, we need it.


8. Mini Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

You can never have enough desserts in your life, so these baby Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream figures are perfect to make as the weather heats up.


These make for an awesome little project, but if you're looking for a way to DIY your denim click HERE.