Stylish Instagram Captions for Every Ponytail Photo You Post

The classic ponytail is one of the most versatile ways to wear your hair.

Whether you're bundling your hair up because it's a hot day, you're about to get to work or you just think it looks super cute, it's hard to resist the appeal of a pony. Use one of these cute Instagram captions the next time you snap a picture of yours.

For the flawless pony that took your entire morning to get just right:

"It takes a good 34 to 40 minutes to do my iconic ponytail every day."

-Lili Reinhart

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For the head-turning photo of your ponytail floating in the wind:

"I whip my tail back and forth."


For when things are kind of falling apart around you, but your pony isn't:

"When your ponytail is more held-together than your life."


For when your hair is proof you're buckling down and getting things done:

"Whenever I get really serious about something, I pull my hair back into a tight ponytail."

-Coco Rocha


For when you're looking like royalty, and your hair is in a delicate ponytail:

"Ponytail fairy tale."

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For when the going gets tough:

"When I pull my hair back in a ponytail, that's how you know I'm having a hard day."

-Belinda Johnson


For the pic of you twirling with your ponytail spinning behind you:

"Chasing my own tail."


For the photo of you refusing to give up:

"If at first you don't succeed, fix your ponytail and try again."

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For the shot of you putting your hair up into a ponytail:

"Tighten that tail."


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