15 Ways to Make Your Ponytail Totally Chic

Who really wants to style their hair in the summer heat?

Whether your hair falls victim to humidity (hello, frizz!), hot and sweaty temperatures, or goes flat in less than five, the answer to all your summer hair problems is a trusty arsenal of cool ponytail styles. Below, these 15 ponytails are for anything but soccer practice.

Cornrow Pony

Grab a friend who can cornrow (it's easier than it looks, watch THIS tutorial) and try a little cornrow into a pony. Want something super bold? Cornrow your entire head!

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Elegant Crossover Ponytail

This look is perfect when you need a hairstyle that's a bit more elegant—say for a brunch, daytime wedding or a summer BBQ. All you do is leave out two equal pieces in the front, and pull your hair into a mid to low pony. Then pull the pieces back and cross them over each other and secure underneath the pony with bobby pins.


Super High Pony

Can't go wrong with a classic, super high pony with a pretty hair wrap concealing the hair tie. This look works best on girls with super long locks.

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Textured Low Pony

The textured low pony is the perfect post-beach hairstyle when you have those natural beauty waves that look great but feel a bit tangly.


Sleek and Full

If you have wild, loose curls or really thick hair, this sleek and full style will look so major on you! Smooth down the hair closest to your head with a mix of water and gel so it looks really sleek. But let your volume run free with a mega curly pony moment.

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Chain Knot Pony

For hair that legit looks like ⛓. How cool is this chain knot pony? Use a method of twists and knots to achieve a similar look.


Double Braid Pony

The double braid pony is super sweet and boho, and is a surefire way to keep any pesky flyaways or baby hairs out of your face.


Put a Bow ???? On It

Bows are having a major moment, and it's legit the easiest way to up your pony game. You can use anything—ribbon, lace, a designer ribbon, satin–the choice is yours!

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Messy But Major

Have a case of serious bedhead? Let it work for your 'do by throwing in a little extra tease and texturizing spray for a messy but major pony moment.


Short and Sleek

Short-haired girls can get in on the summer pony fun, too! Try this minimal and sleek low pony.



Add instant (and easy!) intrigue to your pony by wrapping it, creating uneven sections.


French Pony

For an effortlessly boho style, try a loose, single French braid into a pony.


Half Braid Pony

Why braid the whole thing when half looks this cool?


Bubble Pony

Try adding on clear elastic rubber bands in equal sections down the length of your pony for a unique, bubble pony!


Throw a Hat On It

Don't forget about that trusty ponytail hole in the back of your dad hat. An easy look for on-the-go!


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