Keep Your Accessories Trending With These Pop-Culture Pins

Pins may just be one of our favorite accessories out there. There's no limit to the possibilities, whether you don the shiny item on your jacket, backpack or even dad hat.

While here are thousands of pins on the internet, we've rounded up the ones that reflect our love of the world wide web the most. From relevant memes, to Snapchat and all of the streamable music and TV in-between, your style game will be trending after you add these pop-culture pins below:

A? Love You Pin: $10

What better way to express yourself than with this iPhone glitch pin that doesn'exactly say what you mean? Hey, it's a start.

iPhone glitch, "a love you"

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Porg Pin: $9

Porgs are our latest obsession. Because their facial expressions are so similar to Grumpy Cat, this is basically a two-in-one pop-culture reference.


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Arthur Fist Meme Pin: $10

This fist of frustration is hands down (get it?) one of our favorite memes of all time. It's just so useful!

Arthur fist meme

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The Weeknd XO Hands Pin: $10

While we ❤️ Selena, we can't deny our everlasting enjoyment of The Weeknd's music. Show off your favorite artist with this pin of his iconic XO hand symbol.

The Weeknd hand symbol

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Dancing Hot Dog Pin: $10

Snapchat filters may come and go, but the Dancing Hot Dog will stay in our hearts (and on our jackets) forever.

Dancing Snapchat hotdog

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None of My Business Kermit Meme Pin: $10

Ah yes, another timely meme-inspired pin to show off your sassy side (aka your only side).

None of my business Kermit meme

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Dark-Side Kermit Meme Pin: $12.49

If one Kermit meme isn't enough, snag this Dark-Side frog to don on your leather jacket for all the havoc you'll doubtlessly wreak this weekend.

Evil Kermit meme

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Taylor Swift Pin: $9

Taylor is always trending. Enough said.

Taylor Swift

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La Croix Pin: $12

La Croix is our favorite beverage and it'not just because the cans come decorated in cute colors. We swear.

La Croix can

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Chicken Nuggets Pin: $13.16

Since when are chicken nuggets considered pop-culture, you ask? These juicy morsels topped charts recently with news that a company would be hiring "chicken nugget connoisseurs" in preparation for a new food launch. Get 'em while they're hot!

Chicken nuggets

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Lover Cast Pin: $10

Movie and horror buffs alike need to rep this loser/lover cast pin from Stephen King's recent box-office success, It.

Loser/lover cast

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Doge Meme Pin: $12

Wow. Such cute.

Doge meme

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Jon Snow (Globe) Pin: $10.50

Get itttttt? This Jon Snow (globe) pin is the best of both worlds as it captures this character's gorg features, all while being clever and punny.

Jon Snowglobe

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Salt Bae Pin: $15

Feeling salty? We are.

Salt bae pin

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Marauder's Map Pin: $14.12

Hold it together, people, but this Marauder's Map pin is activated by heat. Simply rub the rectangular metal and the map will come to life. Watch it in action below.

Heat changing Marauder's Map

(via La Barbuda Shop)

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DW Side-Eye Meme Pin: $10

Girrrrrrl we really feel this DW side-eye meme. TMW someone says I've reached my coffee quota for the day.

DW side eye

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Stranger Things Eggo Pin: $9.95

Stranger Things is one of our fave shows right now. This statement really speaks to our personality.

Stranger Things eggo waffle

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Mocking Spongebob Meme Pin: $12.49

Best way to win an argument is to stoop lower than your opponent. There's just no comeback to mockery, right Spongebob?

Mocking Spongebob meme pin

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Girls of Riverdale Pin Set: $25.75

Riverdale may slightly pass Stranger Things as our actual fave show. Get this gang of River Vixens as a pack or select each lady separately.

Riverdale vixens

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