Here's What Funfetti-Flavored Popcorn Really Tastes Like

Pop Secret recently released a very limited edition item called Popfetti.

This funfetti-inspired microwave popcorn is flavored to taste like yellow cake with buttercream frosting, complete with red and blue sprinkles, but how does it really taste? We managed to get our hands on a box to find out.

Pop Secret Popfetti box

Like any bag of popcorn, we had to pop it in the microwave before we tried it. Even before we took it out of its plastic wrap, the bag smelled of popcorn butter and vanilla frosting. This strong vanilla smell became even stronger once it was heating up in the microwave. Within a few minutes, the bag was fully popped and ready to taste.

Pop Secret Popfetti puffed bag

We poured the bag's contents into a bowl and took a look. While the red and blue sprinkles weren't ridiculously vibrant, they were certainly visible enough to add a little colorful flair to the popcorn.

Pop Secret Popfetti pop in bowl

We also took a peek inside the bag, where the walls were plastered with the majority of the blue and red specks.

Pop Secret Popfetti look into sprinkles in bag

Next came the most important part—the taste test. Upon popping a piece in our mouths, we found that the flavor was pretty close to traditional microwave kettle corn. With subsequent bites, we tasted more and more of the intended flavor, which is a subtle hint of something between a cake batter-flavored ice cream and vanilla frosting.

Pop Secret Popfetti side view in bowl

When the popcorn gets cold, this flavor kind of lingers as an odd aftertaste. The remedy is to eat it all before it cools down!

Pop Secret Popfetti closeup

Eaten by the handful, it definitely gives off the taste of funfetti cake. It's a shame it hasn't been added to the standard Pop Secret lineup because it's fun, colorful and tasty enough to be a hit in the Sweety High office.


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