This Popsicle Flavor Is Going to Inspire Your Summer Hair Color

By now, hair in any shade of the rainbow shouldn't surprise you.

Hair hues ranging from pink to green have swept Instagram for years now—and they aren't slowing down! The newest shade to trend on social media? Here's a hint: It's inspired by a staple summer treat.

Creamsicle hair color orange vanilla

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Yep, you guessed it—creamsicle hair color! The classic creamsicle bar is an orange and vanilla flavored popsicle, and it's a true delight. The hair look ranges anywhere from deeper orange shades to baby tangerine, and is such a way to spruce up your hair color for summer. Who doesn't want their hair to look like dessert? Below, we've rounded up a few of our fave ways to try out the trend, with a few tips on which color might be best for you!

Kylie Koolaide

Okay–Kylie Jenner has just about every hair color, so it's no surprise she was one of the first people to debut creamsicle-colored locks. She's giving us total mermaid vibes with her long, orange sherbet hair.


High Impact Citrus

Go the extra mile with a heavy dose of orange! We're digging the idea of super saturated roots that slowly fade out. We recommend starting with a color like this and letting it fade out all summer long.


Magic Hour

There's no denying the gorgeous sunset tones during magic hour. We're paying homage to the hour in which our selfies look best by adding a mix of yellow and peach hues to shorter locks.


Creamsicle Fade

If you're already super light blonde, have your colorist add on an orangey pink color to your strands for a few minutes. The result? A super light tinge of creamsicle that is sure to impress.

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If your hands can frequently be found dipped in a bag of cheetos, this look is for you! Why not copy your fave salty snack and try a soft orange-meets-peach play on color?



High voltage orange with undertones of pink and red provides the perfect contrast for fair-skinned gals. Ease into the look with pink highlights, and then layer the tangy orange on top!


Rainbow Sherbet

Don't want to commit to just the creamsicle? Be inspired by another delicious summer treat: rainbow sorbet! This mix of raspberry pink roots, an icy blonde mid shaft and peachy ends is sure to add flavor to any summer look.


Real Life ????

Been itching to go red-copper? Then this hair color is for you! Go for fiery tones that border the edge of deep creamsicle and copper ginger. This look is ???? fuego.


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