THIS Is the Most Popular Disney Channel Original Movie in Your State

Ready to take a trip down memory lane with some of our fave old school Disney Channel Original Movies?

Old school Disney Channel logo

(via Disney Channel)

Thanks to a report by, we now have some pretty exquisite information about Disney Channel Original Movies, including what the most popular DCOM is in each state.

Here's the epic map:

Disney Channel Original Movie map

(Click on the map for a larger image.)

Research was done by cross-referencing DCOM movies from this comprehensive list (features Disney Channel movies only up until 2014) and state specific data from Google Trends.

The data this report uncovered is actually quite interesting. According to, "States favor movies that look like home."

Meaning it's not such a coincidence that Johnny Tsunami was a fave movie in Hawaii and Cow Belles was a hit amongst rural states like Mississippi and Nebraska.

Wondering what the overall most preferred DCOMs were? The Luck of the Irish (remember, the one about a teen basketball player who learns he and his family are leprechauns?) and The Ultimate Christmas Present (a flick about two young girls stealing Santa's weather machine).

So what do you think? Does this research ring true for you and your DCOM of choice?


If this research didn't nail your fave DCOM, let us try and determine your movie of choice strictly based on your zodiac sign HERE.