5 Halloween Costumes That Will Flood Your Instagram Feed in 2020

Halloween 2020 is about to look a whole lot different thanks to coronavirus.

It's looking like trick-or-treating isn't happening in a lot of places and parties most likely won't happen, either. While it's a definite let-down, and yet another thing we have to deal with this year, we see no harm in dressing up on your own when the big day hits. It's a fun excuse to do something exciting, so take advantage of the holiday!

This year's costumes are going to be quite eclectic, and we're predicting the ones you'll see most. Keep reading for five Halloween costumes that will flood your Instagram feed in 2020:

Celeb From Tiger King

Even though we're including Tiger King on this list, this is our official plea to you to not dress up as one of the characters. It's going to be the most overdone costume of 2020, without a doubt. We've already seen the show and the unfortunate reality of Carol Baskin on Dancing With the Stars, so we've had enough. We're expecting to see lots of tigers (duh), Joe Exotics taming tigers, as well as Carol Baskins with her husband on a leash. No thank you!

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Something COVID-19 Related

Since the majority of this year has been focused on the world-wide pandemic known as COVID-19, people are going to dress up related to the virus in one way or another. We're thinking there's going to be lots of doctors, nurses, hand sanitizers and even versions of the coronavirus itself. On a funnier note, people might also wear costumes that have to do with Zoom or quarantining. Beware, though, because this costume theme seems pretty tricky to wear without being offensive.

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A Cardigan Ode to T-Swift

Taylor Swift could see we were all struggling in quarantine and decided to bless us with her album Folklore. One of the most popular songs from the record is "Cardigan," so we're thinking lots of people are either going to dress as a tacky cardigan or as Miss Taylor Swift herself. If you plan on doing this, make sure you get into the mood and listen to her album on repeat leading up to the big day!

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If you regularly scroll through TikTok or Instagram, you know exactly who Karen is. She's not one person necessarily, but a type of woman. She's the one with the mom haircut who asks to speak with the manager when there's the slightest inconvenience. She will give her opinion when it's not appropriate or even relevant and has a way of making people feel super uncomfortable. The only people who will be able to pull off playing Karen are those with comedic abilities.

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Character From The Mandalorian 

If you have Disney+, we're willing to bet you've seen The Mandalorian and have since become obsessed with finding yourself a real-life Baby Yoda. After all, who wouldn't want themselves a powerful little green baby? Since Star Wars is a classic, we see no problem in getting into character. Whether you dress up as Baby Yoda, Kuiil or The Mandalorian himself, your Instagram feed is about to be poppin'.

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