These Are the Most Popular Hairstyles for Homecoming in 2021, According to a Celeb Stylist

Now that school is back in session, homecoming is right around the corner!

Whether you plan on going stag with your besties or with someone you've been crushing on, now is the time to start thinking about the big day. Not sure what to do with your hair?

We spoke with Sienree Du from Mane Addicts, with clients including Kourtney Kardashian and Sam Smith. She gave us the tea on what the most popular hairstyles will be for homecoming in 2021! Keep scrolling for all the hair inspo.

Sweety High: What are your top three favorite hairstyles for homecoming this year?

Sienree Du: Loose water waves, slick structural buns/ponytails and fresh wet waves.


SH: If someone wants to wear their hair up, what style would you recommend? How do you achieve it from home?

SD: Depending on their face shape, the following is super easy to do yourself and looks chic without trying:

A loose French twist: Gather hair towards the nape and twist it up, use bobby pins to secure and leave some ends out for a messy vibe.

A slick middle part low bun: Part the hair in the middle, secure with an elastic into a low slick ponytail, twist and wrap the pony into a tight bun and secure with bobby pins or another elastic.

Fun top twisted knot: Depending on face shape, leave out bangs in front, slick all the hair on top of crown and secure a high ponytail. Twist the pony into a shape you want and secure with bobby pins.


SH: If someone wants to wear their hair down, what style would you recommend? How do you achieve it from home?

SD: The following styles:

Easy mermaid waves: Use a three-prong waver, it automatically does it for you.

Glass Strands: Blow-dry the hair to polish it, finish by going over with a flat iron and shine spray.

Bardot inspired hair: Round brush hair at the root for max volume, backcomb at the crown area for volume, and with a large curling iron, curl the ends in just give it a tiny bend.


SH: What hair accessories would be cute for homecoming? 

SD: Hair jewelry and stacked XL barrettes.


SH: What are your favorite hairstyles that incorporate braids?

SD: Loving the '7os and '90s mini braids throughout the hair.


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