9 Beauty Products That Blew Up on TikTok in March

Raise your hand if you're on beauty TikTok!

We'll be the first to admit that we spend hours and hours looking at videos on the genre. And you know what? We never get bored! There's always something new and innovative our favorite influencers are trying out, and this past March was full of some amazing products. Interested in finding out what was popular? Keep reading for nine beauty products that blew up on TikTok in March!

Winky Lux Peeper-Perfect Under-Eye Concealer: $16

Abby Rivera blew everyone away in the TikTok community with her discovery of the Winky Lux Peeper-Perfect Under-Eye Concealer. She's been on the hunt for a concealer to use on her xanthelasma, and the results with this specific concealer are truly astounding! Whether you suffer from something as severe as Abby or simply want to get rid of dark spots, this is a must-try. We've tried this product ourselves and it has quickly made its way into our every-day makeup routines.


(via Winky Lux)


Winky Lux Cheeky Rose Highlighter: $20

Winky Lux had quite the month in March, as they also went viral for their Cheeky Rose Highlighter. Tons of beauty influencers tried this out, and we loved watching how Krystal Marie used it in her makeup routine. What makes this highlighter so special is not just the way it looks on your skin, but the product itself! It comes in a stunning rose shape and leaves you with a pearly finish, and we just love the way it looks on our vanities.


(via Winky Lux)


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Indeed Labs Nanoblur: $19.99

Primers make your makeup application way smoother, and we think Glamzilla might have found one of the best ones on the market. The Nanoblur from Indeed Labs is used on the characters in Euphoria, so you just know it's good. This mattifying primer is said to blur and leave your skin looking air-brushed, and after watching Glamzilla's experience with the product, we agree!


(via Indeed Labs)


Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush: $12.49

Mikayla Nogueira stumbled across the Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush and bought it because it was adorable, and if you're into displaying beauty products, we definitely recommend getting this. However, be warned that the adorable strawberry details are just an overspray, so once you use it, it's gone forever! We felt Mikayla's pain when she realized she had ruined the aesthetic.


(via Physicians Formula)


Morphe X Lucky Charms Make Some Magic Lip Gloss: $10

Morphe launched their collaboration with Lucky Charms right before Saint Patrick's Day in March, and it was a total hit, but their most popular product was by far the now sold-out Make Some Magic Lip Gloss. This lip gloss smells and tastes like marshmallows and looks stunning, showing off green and pink pearls. We've been using this gloss all day every day for the last few months and are obsessed.


(via Morphe)


Iconic London Silk Glow Blush and Highlight Duo: $39

Iconic London is best known for its Illuminator, but with the recent launch of their Silk Glow Blush and Highlight Duo, we think there may be a new sheriff in town. Available in two palettes with different shades, these are the perfect blush and highlight combinations. We've tried both out and love the results. You'll be left with glowy skin in no time!


(via Sephora)


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Beautyblender Power Pocket Puff: $15

If you wear makeup, you absolutely have a Beautyblender in your beauty arsenal. But did you know the brand doesn'just make makeup sponges? Their Power Pocket Puff has totally taken over TikTok, leaving users with flawless, poreless skin. Kayla Marie put the product to the test and we have to say, she convinced us to buy the product for ourselves!


(via Beautyblender)


Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder: $58

Givenchy's Prisme Libre Loose Powder is by no means new, but people on TikTok seem to just be discovering the magic of the makeup product. There are six shades to choose from, depending on your skin tone, and the combination of powders works to diminish pores, smooth out the appearance of your makeup and even color correct. Tashi Rodriguez showed off the product along with the foundation!


(via Sephora)


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REFY Lip Sculpt: $24

Reapplying lip liner and lipstick throughout the day can become so annoying, but with REFY's Lip Sculpt, your liner will stay on all day! This transfer-free product comes equipped with a liner as well as a setter, and our jaws literally dropped when we saw how well it actually worked. One of our favorites, Alissia, showed us how it worked, and even after rubbing her mouth, no product came off. It's meant to last all day long.


(via REFY)


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