Positive Affirmations for the New Year

You've probably heard of positive affirmations.

They are positive words, sentences, phrases or quotes that you repeat to boost confidence and help you reach your goals. Positive affirmations have become a prevalent form of self-care. You can now buy positive affirmation journals, jewelry, coffee mugs, cards and calendars.

It may seem like it's just a trend, but positive affirmations work. According to Health Line, our brains can mix up reality and imagination, which means that merely imagining a positive outcome to a situation can activate the same parts of your brain that actually experience positive situations. Health Line also reports that regularly repeating positive affirmations encourages your brain to process positive statements as facts.

The perfect time to start repeating positive affirmations to yourself is in the new year. It will help you feel more confident and optimistic entering 2021. Here are 12 positive affirmations that will inspire and motivate you to have the best year ever.

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1. My energy attracts positive people and opportunities.

2. Every day in every way, I am getting closer to my goals.

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3. It's okay to make mistakes and I allow myself to learn without judgment.

4. I release all my fears.

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5. I embrace change and I easily adapt to anything that comes my way.

6. This year will be filled with positivity and happiness.

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7. I am grateful.

8. I am in charge of my life.

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9. Every day I choose to learn and grow.

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10. I love myself even as I work to improve myself.

11. I am courageous and confident.

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12. This year I will make my dreams come true.

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