5 Self-Help Apps That Will Keep You Smiling All Day Long

Sometimes you need a little reminder that everything is going to be A-OK.

That reminder comes in the form of five self-help apps we found that will help maintain your happiness even when life's got you feeling down (trust us, we've tried 'em!).

Scroll through the list below and feel the positive vibes begin to emerge!

White iPhone on a wood background next to a ceramic red heart(Photo credit: Ellica / Shutterstock.com)

1. Happier

You have the opportunity to share what makes you happy to the Happier community. You can even see other's joyful moments and interact with them by either sending them a "smile" or leaving a positive comment. The best feature on the app is the cheerful quotes that change daily.

Cost: Free

Happier app screenshots

(via Happier)


2. Unique Daily Affirmations Free

Just press down on the "HOLD" button every day and a new daily affirmation will appear for you. Save the ones you like to your "favorites" and schedule them throughout the day as a reminder that you can do anything!

Cost: Free

Unique Daily Affirmations Free app screenshot

(via Unique Daily Affirmations Free)


3. Headspace

One of the worst things is when you get stuck in your own head, but Headspace aims to clear your mind through quick and simple meditation practices. Goodbye stress, hello relaxation!

Cost: Free

Headspace app screenshots

(via Headspace)


4. Build Confidence

Much like Headspace, Build Confidence works to boost your self-esteem through a variety of meditations. Whether you're feeling anxious, stressed or just need to quiet your mind before you go to bed, there's an exercise on the app that will work for you.

Cost: $2.99

Build Confidence with Andrew Johnson app screenshots

(via Build Confidence)


5. Pozify

Pozify is pretty radical because it rewards you for being a positive person to yourself and others. Say whaaa? Yep, the app is partnered with mPOINTS and you can use the points you earn for gift cards to your fave stores or donate them to charity.

Cost: Free

Pozify app screenshots

(via Pozify)


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