5 Signs You're Ready to Post About Your Relationship on Instagram

Posting about your relationship for the first time on Instagram can be a bit of an intimidating feeling.

Which pic do you share? When's the best time to post? Do you tag your S.O. in the photo, caption or both?

Before you try and figure out all that, it's important to make sure you're absolutely ready to share your relationship on the app.

Not sure if you are? Scroll below for five signs you should definitely post a snap with your S.O. on IG.

1. Everyone Knows You're Together

The worst way to tell everyone about your relationship is with a post on Instagram. Though it seems cute and clever, the chances of any hidden relationship working out are slim to none. It just really isn't how you should go about exposing your relationship to the world. But if your besties and fam know about your S.O., then it's definitely as good a time as any to post about your relationship on Instagram.

Not everyone in your life needs to know about your relationship before you post about it, but those closest to you absolutely need to. They'll also feel like you trust them more if you're able to tell them beforehand. Because is your BFF really your BFF if they find out about your S.O. on Instagram along with the rest of your followers?

Jughead and Betty talking to Archie and Val at lunch on an episode of Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


2. Your S.O. Asks Why You Don't Post About Them

It's so scary being the first one in the relationship to post about it. No one wants to make the first move, because it's embarrassing if the other one never posts about the relationship.

Everyone uses social media differently, so some people might not want to share their entire life with a ton of strangers. If your S.O. asks why you haven't posted about them, whether or not they've already shared a snap, that means they're ready for the world to know about the two of you.

Before you post, maybe make a pact to Instagram it together—that way the other doesn't feel left out if you share at different times.


3. You Have the Perfect Picture

You can't post about your relationship on social media if you don't have any photos of the two of you together, can you? If you don't have any pictures together yet, don't feel pressured to make one happen. The perfect snap will be taken organically. If you do have the photo already chosen and even edited, post away. Just make sure your S.O. approves of it first. You don't want to share a pic if they don't like how they look in it.

Peter kissing Lara Jean on the cheek at a party in To All the Boys I've Loved Before

(To All the Boys I've Loved Before via Netflix)


4. You're Not Doing It for Other People

A lot of people tend to post about their relationships not for themselves, but for other people. They want to show off or need to receive some sort of validation from strangers that their relationship is a picture perfect. But that's not a reason to want to share your love life with your Instagram followers.

If you don't want to do it for those reasons, then you're in the clear. We just urge thinking about why you want to post before you do it.


5. It Just Feels Right

As cliché as this is to say, when you know, you know. If you really feel like now's the time to post about your relationship on Instagram, then you're probably right.

Those feelings of security are not something to shake, so let them guide you to sharing the cutest pic of you and your S.O. with your legions of followers.

Even if the two of you end up going your separate ways at some point, you can always delete it from your page. So what are you waiting for? Post that photo now!

Scott and Allison together on an episode of Teen Wolf

(Teen Wolf via MTV)


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