Become a Potion Explosion Master With These Simple Hacks

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Mastering the Potion Explosion mobile app takes time, skill and patience—but knowing a few handy tips and tricks definitely helps.

Whether you're a long-time fan of the game, a Potion Explosion newbie or you haven't played the game yet (you can download it here!), these Potion Explosion hacks will make you a wiz in no time.

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1. Don't be afraid to ask for a Little Help! Once every turn, you can request a Little Help from the professor, allowing you to remove one ingredient of your choice from the dispenser. This will cost you two points every time, but when used wisely it can set you up for a massive chain reaction that make it worth the sacrifice.

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2. Practice makes perfect. Play the offline mode often to hone your skills. Even the easy opponent can be tough to beat at first! Also, pay close attention to the moves your AI opponent makes to learn some tricky skills of your own.

3. You don't get to pick the first two potions you'll be creating in the game, so complete them as quickly as possible. Turning them into usable potions early on will let you maximize use of their powers immediately and get the game off to a strong start.

4. The moment you've completed a potion, you can start using it. Even if you've already made your move, don't be overeager and end your turn too quickly—you may be able to make a smart move with the use of a newly brewed potion before you let your opponent make their next move.

5. Picking which potions to create next is an art form. Here are some questions to consider before you do so:

  • How many points is the potion worth? More points is obviously better!
  • How many ingredients are required for the potion? A seven-ingredient potion will generally be tougher to complete than a four-ingredient one, but the seven-ingredient potion will net you more points.
  • What types of ingredients are required? If there's not a lot of one color on the board at the moment and a potion requires four of it, it might be wise to hold off. Conversely, if you already have most of the needed ingredients for one potion in your pool, it can be smart to select a potion for which you already have a head start.
  • What's your favorite potion? As you play, you'll probably start to favor certain potions over others due to their unique powers. If you're stuck between two high-scoring potions, pick the one that will be more useful based on the way you play.
  • Will it help you get skill tokens? Skill tokens are earned when you brew three of the same kind of potion, as well as when you've brewed five unique kinds of potions. Each token is worth four points, which can give you the lead in a close match.

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6. See three or more of the same ingredient in a row? Picking one of the middle ingredients will cause the same-colored ingredients above and below to collide, nabbing you every one of them. Use this to your advantage to set off an awesome chain reaction.

7. Take a look at your opponent's current potions and pool often to see what ingredients they need. Whenever possible, take ingredients that benefit you and make it harder for them to complete their potions.

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8. Learn how to get the most out of every potion.

  • Potion of Wisdom – Use this to grab an ingredient from the dispenser to complete a tricky potion. Better yet, grab said ingredient from a space on the board that will make it harder for your adversary to get a chain reaction going.
  • Potion of Magnetical Attraction – Use this when you need a couple of different ingredients to complete a potion and you can find them next to each other on the board. Bonus points if it makes it tougher to make their next move.
  • Abysmal Draft – Wait until at least three or four different-colored ingredients are on the bottom row of the dispenser before using this potion to maximize effectiveness.
  •  Balm of Uttermost Stickiness – This potion will grab two or more adjacent ingredients for the same color from the same slide track on the dispenser, so wait until many of the same ingredients are touching to utilize it. It can also be smart to use it in combination with a Little Help to remove an ingredient dividing them for the biggest streak possible.
  • Elixir of Blind Love – Keep an eye on your opponent's pool to get the most out of this potion. Don't waste it on two or three ingredients unless they'll be a major help, and don't steal your opponent's ingredients unless they're ones that will help you (unless you can steal them to prevent them from completing their next round of potions).
  • Potion of Prismatic Joy – This potion is most effective when you have three ingredients in your pool and need at least three more ingredients to finish your current potions. It would be a waste to use its powers to turn just one pooled ingredient into what you need to create a potion.
  • Sands of Time – This potion is super useful, as it allows you to replicate the effect of a potion you've already used. It could be wise to wait until you've guzzled down a few potions before you bring this one into your arsenal.
  • Filter of Lavamancing – The Filter of Lavamancing can discard up to five ingredients of the same type in one column of the dispenser and can be used quite strategically for your own benefit or to hinder your opponent. Use it at the beginning of your turn to discard ingredients you don't need and set up an awesome chain reaction, or at the end of your turn to prevent your opponent from doing the same during their turn.

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