PREMIERE: How Kayden Channeled Her Relationship Frustrations Into the Fun New Single, 'Crave'

Most of us have experienced falling hard for someone and not quite having those feelings reciprocated, and singer-songwriter and actress Kayden captures them all perfectly in her sizzling new single, "Crave."

The star, who's also a regular on the new Disney Channel series The Villains of Valley View, is well on her way to making 2022 her year. Last month, she dropped her soulful new track "No Maybe," and she plans to drop her debut EP this October. We got the chance to ask Kayden all about "Crave" and the real-life story that inspired it, so check out the new music video here before you can see it anywhere else, and keep reading for the inside scoop on "Crave"!

The Story Behind 'Crave'

Kayden: "Crave" is pretty much a message to a certain person that I have feelings for but don't have the guts to tell them to their face. We used to date and it all ended pretty fast but I still wanted to be with him. So this song is a way for me to tell him how I feel about him.

I think what pushed me to write it was not getting full closure from how our relationship ended. The situation really broke my heart and I questioned why for so long. I think this song helped me deal with how I was feeling and express it in a healthy way by making a fun song!

KAYDEN crave single art


What 'Crave' Means

Kayden: I feel like music can have different interpretations depending on who's listening. For me, the song is about a certain relationship, but by the way it's written, it can be taken in any way the listener perceives. I just hope that the listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics in a way that means something to them.

Kayden in pink feather jacket

(Photo credit: Honey Ayala)


Kayden's Favorite Lyric

Kayden: My favorite lyric would have to be, "You know that I see through you, but you don't seem to mind. You don't really like to say much, so say it with your eyes." I think it's hard to explain a feeling with words, sometimes you just have to experience it, which is why it's my favorite line, because I think body language can express a person's true thoughts and feelings more than words ever could.


The Music Video

Kayden: I wanted to do something fun and silly, and include the people that have supported me from the beginning of my music career! Some of my friends and fans from all over the world came together to make this very cute video and I am extremely excited for everyone to see it!

Kayden no maybe prism artwork

(Photo credit: Honey Ayala)


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