PREMIERE: How Twinnie Turned Heartbreak Into Her New Country-Pop Anthem, 'One Heart'

English singer-songwriter Twinnie's unique brand of countrypop has always hit us straight in the feels, and her newest single, "One Heart" just might be her most powerful release yet.

The new track is all about the conclusion of a relationship, unrequited love and the fact that it only takes one person to end it all, and the single is out today, March 25. Not only did Twinnie write, perform and produce the song, but Twinnie is also premiering the music video for "One Heart" right here on Sweety High! Keep reading to find out what Twinnie had to say about the song and its lyrics—and check out the video right here!

The Story Behind 'One Heart'

Twinnie: I feel like this is the heartbeat of my forthcoming EP project, it's an intoxicating look at how one person can be that main catalyst for the breakdown of a relationship, with the lyrics taking listeners on a journey of betrayal and heartbreak. It goes back to that core belief that it takes two people to make a relationship work but only one to break it. I also think it brings together my sonic inspirations of both country and pop perfectly.

I'm always inspired by real life and what's happening around me, and with "One Heart" I wanted to tap into that situation where you realize that it takes two people to make a relationship work but only one to break both hearts.


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What 'One Heart' Means

Twinnie: This is one of my favorite songs that I've ever written, and I feel it has the potential to break out across mainstream markets and bring together pop and country fans. I'm hoping listeners will enjoy the production overlay and the lyrical story that is told throughout, and hopefully, if they have been through a similar situation they'll feel like they're understood and not alone.

Twinnie wearing pink top and fluffy skirt

(Photo credit: Fraser Taylor)


Twinnie's Favorite Lyric

Twinnie: I think it's probably the hook of the song, "It only takes one heart to break two," as I feel that sums up the song and its core story.


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