How to Prep for Your First Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced for the first time can be a bit anxiety-inducing.

After all, you're putting a hole in your body using a very scary-looking tool. Sure, the end result is fabulous and opens up an entirely new world of fashion possibilities, but the experience can be a little alarming to say the least.

The best way to beat any of your fears about getting your ears pierced is through proper preparation. Keep scrolling to learn how you can prep for your first ear piercing.


Before you get your ears pierced, you should start by researching the best place to get the deed done. A crucial first step, researching allows you to make sure that your chosen location is both safe and sanitary. Because multiple people get their ears pierced per day, it's important to eliminate any worries about contracting an infection by choosing reputable places. Check the actual site of your chosen location to get more information about their safety procedures, or look into online reviews to get opinions from people who have actually been there. When it comes to getting your ears pierced, safety should always be your No.1 priority.


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Make an Appointment

After you've chosen a safe and sanitary location to get your ears pierced, you should make an appointment. This will let you know the exact time and date that you're getting your ears pierced, which will help you prepare and calm any lingering fears before you arrive. It also ensures you won't be turned away if the place is too busy or crowded. If you arrive only to be told that it won't happen that day, it might start your cycle of worry and anxiety all over again. If you're sure you want to get your ears pierced, make the appointment and then simply wait for the exciting day to arrive.


Eat a Good Meal and Stay Hydrated

The best way to beat the nerves before you get an ear piercing is to eat a good meal about four hours before and stay hydrated. This will help calm your stomach and keep you from becoming overly stressed out. Good nutrients in your body will also help the piercing heal faster, which will ease any discomfort you might feel and make you happier in the long run.


Arrive a Few Minutes Early

Just like a doctor's appointment, you want to arrive just a few minutes early to your ear piercing appointment. This will give you a chance to check out the facility and make sure you feel safe and comfortable, and you might even be able to chat with your piercing artist beforehand. Feeling comfortable with the person piercing your ears and the situation you're in is super important, and arriving early will allow you to settle your stomach and calm your nerves before you head into your appointment. Plus, they will probably have tons of cool jewelry around that you can plan to buy once you're able to take out your starter studs.


Choose the Studs You Want

Speaking of starter studs, choosing the right pair is crucial to the success of your piercing. You'll have these studs in for about six weeks, so it's important to choose a versatile pair that can work with any outfit. In addition, you should always choose a hypoallergenic metal for your first pair of studs. Because you haven't experienced a piercing before, you can't be sure that you're not allergic. If you do have a reaction, that could set back your healing time and cause lots of unneeded discomfort. Some hypoallergenic metals include sterling silver, platinum, titanium, copper and stainless steel. These studs will be of a higher quality as well, which means they'll look fantastic as you parade your new bling around school.


Leave If You Feel Uncomfortable

Backing out of getting your ears pierced is nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you don't feel comfortable when you arrive at your location or you simply decided that you're not ready to take that step, it's totally okay to delay getting your ears pierced. It's crucial that you feel comfortable and at ease when you go to get your piercing, so if you have any worries you should walk away and reschedule for a different day.


Know That It Doesn't Hurt That Much

Getting your ears pierced may seem really scary, but in the majority of cases, there's very little pain involved. The piercing gun or needle can look very intimidating, but it's such a quick process that most people report feeling nothing more than a slight pinch. While pain levels will differ for everyone, the skin of the ears is soft and ready to be pierced, so don't freak out too much about the pain.


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